Canvas Integration (Admin)

If your organization uses a Learning Management System (LMS) for content delivery, you may be able to use Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) protocol to integrate with TechSmith Knowmia. In this example, we’ll walk through integrating Knowmia with Canvas, a Learning Management System made by Instructure.

3d Knowmia icon

Why use LTI?

While it’s possible to share media with students using direct links or video embed, an LTI integration allows users to:

  • View media uploaded to TechSmith Knowmia directly in Canvas using their login credentials.
  • Automatically transfer completed quiz results from media uploaded to Knowmia into the Canvas Gradebook.

To complete the LTI integration, you will need access to both the Knowmia Site Administration controls and the administration controls of Canvas.

Setting Up an LTI integration on the Knowmia Website

  1. Log in to your Knowmia website as a site administrator.
  2. Click the Site Admin tab.

    Site admin tab in knowmia
  3. Under Settings, locate the LTI Integrations section. Click Add a new integration.

    Add new integration button
  4. Select Canvas from the dropdown and click Create.

    Type of LMS dropdown menu
    • To give the integration a custom name select the Other option. You must also check the box indicating that you use the Canvas LMS.

      Custom name dialogue box for LMS
  5. The integration details are displayed. In the next section, we explain where to copy and paste these fields into Blackboard to complete the integration.

Note: The Consumer Key and Secret are randomly generated and unique to your Knowmia website. You may use these values for multiple Blackboard instances such as testing and production environments.

Canvas integration details

If you need to open the Integration Details at a later time, click the view icon next to the integration name.

Completing the Integration in Canvas

  1. Log in to Canvas as an administrator.
  2. Click the Admin tab and select the account to which you would like to add the LTI integration.

    Techsmith account in admin tab
  3. Select Settings from the list of Admin options.

    Settings link in admin menu
  4. Select the Apps tab. Then click View App Configurations.

    View app configurations in app menu
  5. Click Add App.

    Add app button in apps menu
  6. In the Configuration Type dropdown, select By URL.

    by url option in configuration type menu
  7. Enter a name for your LTI integration. Copy and paste the Consumer keyShared secret (referred to as Consumer Secret in Knowmia) and Config URL into the corresponding fields and click Submit.

    Consumer key in add app menu
  8. Your Knowmia integration is complete.

    Knowmia showing in Canvas menu

To test the integration, follow the steps in this tutorial: Canvas Integration: Adding Media to Your Course