Download Media and Data

Learn how to download all media and data from your Knowmia Library. This includes the MP4 video, captions, viewer analytics, quizzing data, and conversation comments. 

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Download MP4

To download a video from your Knowmia Library, you’ll first need to click and open it in the view page.

Click More, and then Download. This will download an MP4 video to your downloads folder.

Note: If the video contains any captions, quizzing, etc., this data will not remain in the downloaded MP4. Also, each video in your Library will need to be downloaded individually, using this same workflow.

Download Video Captions

From the video view page, click on the Accessibility Tab, and then the Edit button below Actions

This will open the Caption Editor. Click the Export button, and then select which format you’d like to export. 

The .SRT format is one of the most common, and can be opened in any text editor, like Notepad, Word, and others.

Download Viewer Analytics Data

To download a copy of the video analytics for an individual video, navigate to the Analytics Tab, and click Download

This will give you a CSV file that contains information about who has viewed the video, when they viewed it, and how much of the video they viewed.

Download Quizzing Data

If you added any quiz questions to your video, you can download an electronic copy of the results.

Navigate to the Quizzing Tab and click View Results.

In the Summary Tab of the Quiz Results window, locate the Detailed and Summary CSV links to click and download.

Download Conversation Comments

If you added any conversations to your video, you can download a copy of the comments added to each conversation. 

Navigate to the Conversations Tab. Click the Options menu button, and then Download.

A CSV file will download that contains the name of the commenter, the comment posted, whether it was a reply or not, along with additional information.