What’s New in Screencast

Learn everything you need to know to transition from Screencast Classic to our updated Screencast service.

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Screencast is getting an upgrade! This tutorial covers everything you need to know about transitioning from Screencast Classic to our updated Screencast service.

What’s New in Screencast

Take control of your workday with content sharing that empowers your team to collaborate and get work done without the meeting fatigue.

  • Conversations & Reactions
    Start a conversation. Leave comments, annotations, and emojis on your images or at specific times in a video. See Manage Conversations.
  • Capture, create, and connect with Snagit 2023 + Screencast.
    It’s easier than ever to express yourself and communicate clearly at work. Create value-added visuals and videos in Snagit 2023. With just one click, upload content to Screencast and get a shareable link to keep the conversation going with your team. Try Snagit 2023 + Screencast.
  • Improved Performance
  • Simplified Limits for Pro Users
    No more worrying about bandwidth and storage. Screencast Pro users can upload up to 250 videos and unlimited screenshots. Learn more about our Screencast tiers.

To learn more or try it out, visit our updated Screencast site.

Transition Guide for Current Screencast Users

If you are a current Screencast customer, here’s everything you need to know about transitioning from Screencast Classic to our updated Screencast service.

If you used this on Screencast Classic,…Use this on updated Screencast
Folder Sharing & PrivacyAdd folders to organize your personal Screencast Library. To share a group of content, create a collection. You can add an access phrase protection to individual media. To learn more, see Sharing & Privacy in Screencast.
Web UploaderTo learn how to upload content from Screencast or Snagit 2023 and the supported file formats on the new site, see Upload Content to Screencast.
AttachmentsAttachments are currently not available on the updated site. Add a link from an online resource such as a Google Doc or a Microsoft Office 365 document to the content description. See Tips for Content Engagement.
Custom Branding
(Screencast Pro only)
You can add a custom logo to personalize your content pages. To learn more, see Add a Custom Logo to Your Content Page.
Launch Capture ButtonThe Launch Capture button was removed from Screencast. You can download TechSmith Capture here.
RSS FeedsOrganize your content into collections that your team can contribute and subscribe to. To learn more, see Organize & Share in Collections.

Why Do I Have Two Screencast Libraries?

Screencast is in the process of updating and improving our service. In 2023, Screencast plans to provide the option for users to migrate all their content from Screencast Classic to the updated Screencast site, so all of your content will be in one location. After migrating your content, your existing Screencast Classic links will still work and be automatically redirected to the new site.

If you do not see all of your content in your Screencast Library, you may have content located in both Screencast and Screencast Classic Libraries. Click the link in the banner message to quickly switch between the Screencast Libraries to locate your content.
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To learn more, see Where’s My Screencast Media?