Manually Add Captions to a Video

Learn to manually add captions to a video with Camtasia (Windows)

Cogwheel with CC sign in the middle

Manually add captions

To manually add captions to a video, start by placing the playhead at the beginning of your narration. Then, open the Captions tool and click the Add Caption button. A new caption appears on the timeline. Type your first sentence into the caption field that appears.

Add captions button in Camtasia

Duration slider

Change the caption length to fit a sentence

Each caption spans four seconds by default. To change the captions length to fit a sentence, drag the duration slider, or drag the edges of the caption on the timeline itself.

Rounded rectangle with a plus sign in the middle

Add more captions as needed

Click the + button or hit the Tab key to add the next caption. Perform general timing changes as you go by adjusting the duration, and by splitting or merging captions as needed.


Change the default caption length

If a four second caption is consistently too short or too long for your sentences, change the default length in the Timing tab of the Camtasia Preferences. 

It’s important to note that captions should be no longer than 7 seconds, as this will violate the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Camtasia preferences pane

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