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Case Studies and Customer Stories

Morae has become the gold standard for usability testing since it was first introduced in 2004.

Yes, our customer list includes lots of big names like Microsoft, Time Warner, Yahoo!, eBay, Google, Dell, and But companies and consultants of every size use Morae to listen to customers and improve designs. Here are some of their stories...


Zack Guthrie, President of The Guthrie Group, shares how they use Morae and Lean Six Sigma to help companies continuously improve their processes. "Our goal is to help our clients make things easier, faster, better, safer, and cheaper for their customers." Read more »


Software and Technology

On-Site Usability Testing and Product Design Evaluation


 SAP ran Morae on test stations at their annual user group conference to conduct usability testing and captured more than a thousand hours of data, all crystal clear, indexed, and searchable. Read more »  

Conducting Comprehensive E-Commerce Focus Groups

With MCX Labsorae, Customer Experience Labs (CXL) was able to capture a total focus group experience by recording the participants' reactions, facial expressions, body language and verbal remarks as website content was being reviewed. 
Read more »



Indiana University Saves Testing/Analysis Time, Thousands on Lab Expenses

IUIndiana University turned to Morae to help facilitate next-generation user experience testing for an e-Learning initiative. Read more »

Landmark College Institute Advances the Cause of Usable, Accessible Learning Content

Landmark College

The Landmark College Institute for Research and Training uses Morae in their Universal Design and Usability Lab, which allows teachers and students across campus to test the usability of teaching materials and other work. Read more »

Michigan State University M.I.N.D. Labs Measure Telepresence with Morae


MSU's M.I.N.D. Labs use Morae in their research to understand telepresence: how immersed one feels in a screen-based environment. Read more »

Mizzou Builds Award-Winning Website With the Help of Morae


University of Missouri's Information Experience Laboratory used Morae to integrate usability testing into the development and design process of their new undergraduate admissions website. Read more »



IDEXX Labs Ensures Usability of Brand New Hand Held Touchscreen Product


IDEXX wanted to test that the user experience of a brand new product, the Catalyst Dx™ Chemistry Analyzer, was optimized for speed and ease of use. Read more »

Intermountain Healthcare Conducts Large Scale Usability Testing in the Field for GE Healthcare

Intermountain HealthcareWith Morae, Intermountain Healthcare found a portable usability testing solution that would allow them to go to clinicians across Utah and Idaho. Read more »


Financial Services

Next-Generation Usability Testing for Credit Union's Internet Banking Products


Credit Union Central of British Columbia (CUCBC) partnered with Habañero Consulting Group for the user experience development and usability engineering phases of their online banking products. Read more »


Consulting Firms

TGG Helps Improve Processes With MoraeOptimal Usabilty

The Guthrie Group uses Morae and Lean Six Sigma together to help companies continuously improve their processes and make things easier, faster, better, safer, and cheaper for their customers. Read more »

Optimal Usability Delivers Hard Data to Back Up Recommendations

Optimal Usabilty

Using Morae, Optimal Usability's consultants had unprecedented insight into the usability and effectiveness of the University of Canterbury's website. Read more »

Scoreberlin Raises the Bar with Usability Testing and Eye Tracking With Morae

Landmark College

Morae helped revolutionize Scoreberlin's usability lab and continues to save them analysis time, allowing them to develop newer, simpler and faster methods. Read more »

World-Renowned Usability Consulting Firm UIE Conducts E-Commerce Analysis With Morae

User Interface Engineering (UIE) was hired by a large retailer to create a set of e-commerce best practices based on an in-depth study of the country's leading consumer Web sites. Read more » 



US Air Force Academy Debriefs in the Field With Morae

The United States Air Force Academy uses instant video debriefing of team exercises with a portable Morae lab. Read more »