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How It's Used

Use Morae to gain valuable insight about your product and remove the guesswork from your decisions. You’ll love that you can record user interactions, analyze the results, and instantly share them with anyone – all within Morae and for any type of research.

Software & Web User Experience Testing

Focus Groups & In-depth Interviews

Mobile Device & Hardware Testing

Paper Prototype Testing

Pluggable Architecture

Write your own Recorder, Observer, and Manager plug-ins with Morae’s pluggable architecture, which enables you and your development team to build features specific to your testing environment.

Learn more about the expanding flexibility of Morae’s pluggable architecture and about the plug-ins that partnering companies have already created on Morae's Plug-ins Page.

Field Studies

Gain a richer understanding of what customers need by observing them in their natural environment. Send Morae into the field on a laptop, or record on the customer's own computer. Discover how customers respond to your product, which features they use, and what should be improved.

Here's How:

See How a Health System Took Morae on the Road with Field Studies: Intermountain Health System

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Continuous Improvement (Lean Six Sigma)

Whether you're looking to improve the efficiency of line workers making widgets or office workers answering e-mails, Morae can help. TechSmith partner The Guthrie Group (TGG) is a pioneer in using Morae with Lean Six Sigma – a methodology for reducing process variation and waste, while delighting customers with a fantastic product or service.

Use Morae to collect, log, analyze, and present data – producing better, more reliable results faster than stopwatch, paper, and videotape-based methods. TGG's approach combines team-based consensus building with a powerful Morae plug-in to reveal opportunities, gather meaningful metrics, and map processes of PC-based applications.

Here's How:

See How to Use Morae with Lean Six Sigma: Visit The Guthrie Group.

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User testing has become much more efficient since Morae has been on the market.

- Jakob Nielsen,
usability guru and co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group
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