TechSmith Unveils New Camtasia Family of Visual Learning Solutions for Education

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Anaheim, Calif. – October 12, 2010 – At TechSmith we've been making software for almost 20 years to aid in visual learning and communication. Our goals have always been to make simple, powerful and affordable software that helps everyday people use images and video to communicate ideas more effectively.

Our software has enabled educators to use images and video to improve student learning in the classroom, online and in corporate settings. We spend a lot of time watching and listening to the most progressive educators in their respective fields. Let’s just say we’re impressed. Many of you are solving problems that we never could have imagined. In fact, several educators are joining us at EDUCAUSE to share what they are doing.

Flippin’ Teachers, Flipping Classes

One of the most engaging things we’ve seen educators do in the past few years is ‘flip’ classes, which is also known to some as inverted classes. By that we mean teachers are combining lectures and (computer) screen content into a single video, asking students to watch the material before class and engaging students in new ways when they are face to face.

Reports back to us say that the flipped class style helps with large class sizes, encourages self-paced learning, and enhances retention because students can hit the rewind button when a concept doesn’t make sense the first time around. And they don’t feel stupid by asking to review something in front of their peers.

Other educators are recording material once, adding captioning, and using it for special needs classes. This is helping them meet 508/ADA compliance standards, but more importantly, the new material reaches students in a way that lets them learn more effectively. As this has been a very important issue for education and historically has been difficult for educators to add captioning to video content in a simple and cost effective way, TechSmith has worked hard to create a solution to address this issue. By adding the ability to search video content and create captioning, students’ viewing and learning experience is greatly enhanced.

What's New?

The TechSmith products helping teachers do all this are from our Camtasia family of software. The three software packages that make up the Camtasia family are called - Camtasia Studio (Windows), Camtasia for Mac and Camtasia Relay (server-based). Today at EDUCAUSE we are announcing upgrades to each of the three products in the Camtasia family.

As always, we appreciate hearing how you use your Camtasia software. And we want to hear what you think of the upgrades that you asked for, and in many instances helped us design.

All three Camtasia products are briefly described below. More detailed fact sheets are available as linked documents if you are really curious. We want to hear from you either way, so please stop by booth 1441 at EDUCAUSE or talk with us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or on our Blogs.

Before we conclude, we did want to let you know that research at universities using lecture capture solutions indicates that students overwhelmingly prefer taking courses that offer lecture capture over courses that don’t. Schools currently using Camtasia solutions include James Madison University, Drexel University, West Virginia University, University of California-Irvine Campus, and North Seattle Community College.


Rich Boys, Shane Lovellette and Mike Kujansuu- The Camtasia product management team at TechSmith Corporation

TechSmith Camtasia Relay 3 (Server-Based)

The Camtasia Relay 3 server software is designed for lecture capture and distribution - capturing a variety of lectures on video and distributing them to many people in different formats.

Some of Camtasia Relay’s new features include:

  • Full editing capability offered through a free license of Camtasia Studio 7.1 and Camtasia for Mac 1.2 with every purchase of Camtasia Relay 3
  • Transcribing audio into closed captions for both Flash and Silverlight
  • Integrated caption editor to expedite the correction process
  • iPad production presets
  • Improved searchable video features
  • support for closed captions, HTML5-enabled mobile device playback and improved Silverlight support for an end-to-end hosted solution

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 7.1 and Camtasia for Mac 1.2

Camtasia Studio has a worldwide following because it makes image and video editing simple for the non-experts among us. Among dozens of new features, Camtasia Studio 7.1 and Camtasia for Mac 1.2 now work more seamlessly with Camtasia Relay. For example, users can now record a camera stream with Camtasia Studio or Camtasia for Mac, edit it on their desktop and send to Camtasia Relay for publishing/distribution.

Other new features include:

  • Simplified captioning support
  • Multiple language support
  • Speech-to-text transcription (Camtasia Studio)
  • Importing common caption file formats (SRT and SAMI) and sync with video
  • Ability to search the content within the videos you create
  • support for closed captions, caption-based video search, and HTML5-enabled mobile device playback for an end-to-end hosted solution

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