New Camtasia for Mac 2.2 Includes Interactivity, TechSmith Smart Player™

Non-video professionals can easily and quickly create more engaging, interactive, informative videos with new in-video links, expanded sharing capabilities

OKEMOS, Mich. – June 19, 2012 – The easiest screen recording and video editing software solution on the Mac just got an upgrade – with an A+ for interactivity! Today TechSmith releases Camtasia for Mac 2.2, marking a major update for the best screen recording and editing solution on the Mac platform.

Designed specifically to give non-video professionals the ability to create engaging, professional videos off the computer screen, this new version of Camtasia for Mac offers more ease-of-use features along with new options to add interactivity and improve the viewing experience including:

  • Create interactive video experiences with clickable objects, also known as hotspots. Video hotspot capabilities let users embed hyperlinks within any video, moving viewers directly into a call to action. Engage users by sending them directly to online content, reference materials or a web store.
  • The new, world-class TechSmith Smart Player delivers an optimized, interactive experience on nearly any device with one output. Videos will look their best on a three-inch smartphone screen, a tablet, a laptop and a desktop. Formatting with the TechSmith Smart Player also ensures viewers can see and use interactive hotspot links, table of contents and video search on all devices they use.
  • Make your videos easier to navigate with the addition of table of contents functionality for videos uploaded to YouTube.
  • Draw viewers’ attention in new ways with spotlight and mask effects.

“This edition of Camtasia for Mac brings completely new marketing, sales and teaching capabilities for business professionals and educators. It’s important because video is quickly becoming the fastest growing, most popular content on the web,” said Shane Lovellette, Camtasia for Mac Product Manager at TechSmith. “Interactivity, and hotspot linking, along with a lot of interactive and ease-of-use features such as smart sharing, table of contents, closed captioning and search put video-creation in the hands of novices and intermediate users. We can’t wait to see what kind of creative things people will do with interactive video.”

"Camtasia for Mac is as intuitive as a professional-grade screencasting software can be,” said John Basile, team leader, Scraster Professional Screencasting. “It's amazingly well thought out and its performance—even since its beta stage—has proved flawless. Camtasia for Mac is a very welcomed game-changer in the world of screencasting."

A free, 30-day trial of Camtasia for Mac 2.2 is available at with discounted pricing options available for EDU and nonprofit organizations. New users can purchase the software for $99; Camtasia for Mac 1.x users can upgrade to version 2.2 for $49.50 per user; existing Camtasia for Mac 2.0 and 2.1 users can upgrade to version 2.2 for free. Camtasia for Mac 2.2 will also be available in the Mac App Store.

New Features:

  • In-Video Linking to Web Content – “Hotspots”: The new Camtasia for Mac is all about making video an invaluable tool for teaching and selling. Interactivity is the key and Camtasia for Mac 2.2’s new video hotspot capabilities let users embed hyperlinks within any video, moving viewers directly into a call to action. Powerful, yet simple. Fast, and highly effective for directing students to research or directing customers to product information.
  • Enhanced Video Sharing: Provides the same export functionality as the new Camtasia Studio 8’s Smart Player, allowing Camtasia for Mac 2.2 content to play on most devices, including iPhones, iPads, desktops, laptops, Android tablets and Android smartphones that can support HD video playback (most newer Android smartphones).
  • Smart Video Sharing: The TechSmith Smart Player™ iPhone app detects if viewers are trying to watch the content on an iPhone, and if so prompts them to get the TechSmith Smart Player app from the app store. Once the viewer has the app, they can watch the content with all the interactivity that Camtasia for Mac produces, including table of contents, interactive hotspots, search and closed captions.
  • Spotlight and Mask Video Effects: Focusing a viewer’s attention on specific video content in Mac videos is a critical component to enhance comprehension. The new Spotlight and Mask video features make it easier and faster for content creators to call out specific content while unleashing new levels of creativity.


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