TechSmith Launches New Version of Camtasia Relay

The Same Easy-To-Use Camtasia Relay 4.0 Now Features Camera Support, Global Caption Editor Role and Direct Publishing to YouTube

OKEMOS, Mich. – December 6, 2011 – Lecture and presentation capture is receiving a major upgrade today with the launch Camtasia Relay 4.0. TechSmith Corporation is proud to launch three new features for Camtasia Relay, which are being added due to popular demand.

New Features in Camtasia Relay 4.0:

  • Camera Support: Camtasia Relay 4.0 enables users to capture video of an individual lecturing in the classroom and imbed that video side-by-side with written course material. The result is a recorded lecture or presentation that includes the speaker alongside her or his written presentation materials. The recorded lecture can be viewed any time by students with a variety of devices. This feature provides students with an even more in-depth learning experience outside the classroom setting, as they will be able to directly see the professor or speaker rather than only hearing their voice over annotated written materials projected in the classroom. Even with this additional video feature, the recording process will maintain its three-step simplicity.
  • Global Caption Editor: After recording a video, many professors or presenters don’t have time to edit the captions. That’s why Camtasia Relay 4.0 now allows designated people to review and change captions remotely. After a video is recorded, this designated editor will receive notification that a video is ready for them to review. When video editing and captioning is completed, the video can be uploaded to various outputs in one click.
  • Direct Publishing to YouTube: Camtasia Relay 4.0 comes with fully automated, one-click publishing directly to YouTube, where professors can publish and share their video with anyone anywhere in the world.


Eric Coffman, Manager of Application Development at West Virginia University Health Sciences Center: “Camtasia Relay is currently being used in 60 courses at West Virginia University and has been extraordinarily valuable for students and faculty. In a recent poll that we conducted, 86 percent of our students said they use recorded class lectures as a primary resource for studying, and 93 percent of those students attribute their improved grades to these videos. Camtasia Relay’s new features will continue to help students learn new material, and make the recording and publishing process even easier for our professors.”

Tony Dunckel, Vice President of Web & Enterprise Services at TechSmith: “We continue to focus on developing easy-to-use solutions that have the features and capabilities our users want. Camtasia Relay 4.0 brings three new, valuable capabilities to users, who will still enjoy the simple three-click start-stop-publish automated lecture and presentation recording that is extraordinarily easy to use and requires little or no training."



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