TechSmith Invites Video Makers to Insert Themselves with New Green Screen Capabilities in Camtasia Studio 8.1

Remove a Color/Chroma Key Editing Among New Features Making High-End Video Possible for Educators, Trainers, Small-Medium Business Professionals


OKEMOS, Mich. – June 18, 2013 – Screen-based videos can now grab viewers’ attention like never before! With today’s introduction of Camtasia Studio 8.1, TechSmith debuts green screen capability, video cropping, stitching and the ability to copy video effects at a price that brings advanced video editing features to beginner and intermediate users for the first time.

“TechSmith is known for paying close attention to customer feedback, and green screen is at the top of our most requested features,” said Jason Valade, Camtasia product manager at TechSmith. “We’re looking forward to seeing what the community does to make even more engaging videos with the remove a color effect. All of the improvements to Camtasia Studio are designed to streamline the editing process and get our users to professional results as quickly as possible.”


Key New Features in Camtasia Studio 8.1:

  • Green Screen Capability: Making its debut to PC users in Camtasia Studio 8.1, the remove a color effect allows users to put themselves inside a video, painting a picture that complements educational lessons or drives consumers to take action. Also called chroma key or green screen, this feature means a teacher can present from within a PowerPoint slide presentation or a company spokesperson can physically point out new features within a software application or web site. This level of engagement can add credibility while increasing interest and subject matter retention.
  • Video Cropping: Looking to get a tighter shot in a video? Crop video function allows users to remove specific video content, eliminating parts of a video or graphic not intended for viewing. Camtasia Studio 8.1 brings greater cropping control to users editing videos with multiple clips. 
  • Video Stitching: Stitching allows users to merge edited video segments back together, applying video effects uniformly. Save significant time removing “um’s” and “ah’s” out of clips and reapplying video effects across media. 
  • Copy and Paste Video Actions: If users create a perfect “fade to black” or “voice dissolve” effect they can now copy and paste video actions. They can even transfer them from one video project to another to create “signature” effects.


A free, 30-day trial of Camtasia Studio 8.1 is available to see how easy it is to create customized, professional, screen-based videos that can be shared with anyone, on any device. Discounted pricing is available for educators, government and non-profit organizations. The upgrade is free for current Camtasia Studio 8 users. Reporters wishing to review the software should contact TechSmith’s " target="_blank">public relations agency.





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