TechSmith Partners with EdReach to Propel and Amplify Digital Footprint of Educators

Collaboration offers new way to highlight education pioneers

OKEMOS, Mich. – August 21, 2013 – Propelled by a new partnership with EdReach, TechSmith today announced the impending launch of its EdReach channel ‘Chalkstar to Rockstar – Revolutionary Ideas in Learning.’ Through this channel, TechSmith has a thoughtful, fun and creative way for its educators to share their stories and experiences with the goal of spurring inspiration and innovation in their peers.

The EdReach education broadcasting network reports on educator and emerging educational technology. Its programs are downloaded by more than 40,000 education influencers and are a thoughtful way of connecting educators to each other. With EdReach’s audience and TechSmith’s resources, the ‘Chalkstar to Rockstar’ channel is the next step in reaching and engaging some of the brightest, most innovative pioneers shaping the education landscape.

“TechSmith has always been a company that listens to educators and responds to industry-specific needs, evidenced by how it was one of the first companies to have an education evangelist – something we’ve always admired,” said EdReach founder and editor in chief, Daniel Rezac. “That speaks volumes about its mission and dedication to create software that makes a difference for educators, students and the education process as a whole.”

“The goal of the Chalkstar to Rockstar channel is to highlight teachers making waves with technology. This isn't about apps or how-to's, but rather to tell stories of real people making real changes in their classrooms,” said Brian Bennett, Education Customer Solutions Engineer and the host of ‘Chalkstar to Rockstar’. The first episode focuses on Anastasis Academy, a school outside of Denver, CO, which was dreamed up and launched over a six month period. Another episode will include a Michigan teacher who now partners with one of his former students to teach math more effectively.

TechSmith’s ‘Chalkstar to Rockstar – Revolutionary Ideas in Learning’ channel will debut on EdReach on September 4, 2013.

The show:
Brian Bennett, a former teacher himself, will be hosting this weekly show, highlighting educators who are doing innovative and powerful things with technology in their classrooms. Featured educators will share their stories and experiences on how integrating technology into learning has transformed their classrooms.

How to listen:
The ‘Chalkstar to Rockstar’ channel will be available every Wednesday beginning September 4, 2013. Episodes can be streamed or downloaded directly from EdReach. You can also listen on Stitcher radio or subscribe to the forthcoming iTunes feed for automatic downloads.

About TechSmith Corporation
Founded in 1987, TechSmith Corporation provides practical business and academic software tools and services. TechSmith's solutions enable users to capture, record and enhance digital content so they can share information and knowledge in compelling multimedia formats, and
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About EdReach
EdReach Global ( is based out of Chicago, IL and was founded in 2012. The EdReach Broadcasting Network has hundreds of education contributors in the US, Australia, Singapore, Shanghai, the UK, and abroad. They are in their early stages of funding, but will be seeking to complete an institutional round of capital this year to further accelerate their growth. Thousands of educators every month turn to EdReach for the latest in innovative teaching practices, learning models, tools, Ed news, and resources.

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