Trivantis Introduces Lectora® Inspire

Latest eLearning tool features industry-leading screen capture, screen recording, Flash animation technologies.

Cincinnati, Ohio. – August 2, 2010 - Trivantis Corporation, provider of world-class publishing technologies and services for multimedia eLearning, today announced the release of Lectora® Inspire - a revolutionary, robust authoring tool that includes Lectora®, Camtasia® for Lectora, Snagit® for Lectora, and Flypaper™ for Lectora in one fully-featured product. Lectora® Inspire enables users to create, record, and capture content with unmatched value, power, and ease-of-use.

"This is truly the most exciting product release by Trivantis in a decade," said Ben Contra, Trivantis executive vice president. "We continually listen to our client feedback and monitor trends in the eLearning industry which prompted us to develop Lectora® Inspire."

Through a partnership with TechSmith Corporation, developers of Camtasia Studio® and Snagit® screen recording and screen capture solutions, Lectora® Inspire includes customized builds of these proven products called Camtasia® for Lectora and Snagit® for Lectora. With the integration of these tools, Lectora® Inspire enables users to easily create and edit screen recordings, screen captures and videos to make eLearning courses engaging and interactive.

Trivantis has also partnered with Flypaper Studio™, an award-winning Flash content creation platform, to deliver a custom version of its’ Flash creation tool, Flypaper™ for Lectora. Flypaper™ enables eLearning developers to create and edit Flash content at a fraction of typical development time.

Through these strategic partnerships and the integration of these products, Lectora® users can now accomplish any eLearning development task.

"Lectora® Inspire includes powerful, proven screen capture, screen recording, video recording, and Flash creation products that save both time and money because it includes everything you need in one tool,” Contra said."

Lectora® Inspire also includes the well-known features and benefits of Lectora along with an easy-to-use enhanced launchpad and video help agents. Large graphic icons and helpful directions for getting started enable users to get up and running quickly.

"Trivantis realized that there was a void in the eLearning market for an authoring tool that was not only easy-to-use, but which also contained everything a developer needs for any aspect of eLearning development. Lectora® Inspire fills this void and brings about a new evolution in authoring tools,” said John Blackmon, Trivantis senior vice president of authoring products."

To download a free 14-day trial of Lectora® Inspire or to view a live demonstration of the new product, please visit


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