Screencast Content Deletion Policy

We’ll begin deleting inactive content from FREE Screencast accounts

If you're on a FREE Screencast account, learn more about how to keep your content.

In order to help make platform improvements, we need to delete inactive content in free Screencast accounts. As you can imagine, more than a decade of content builds up, most of which was only viewed for a short time! To arrive at this retention policy, we sought customer input and chose an approach that impacts as few customers as possible.

We will base retention on usage of the content - if twelve consecutive months have passed without your free content being viewed, we will consider the content inactive and permanently delete it.

Starting November 2, 2018 TechSmith will begin deleting free Screencast content not viewed in the past year (twelve months).

This means any free Screencast content that hasn’t been viewed since November 2, 2017 will be permanently deleted as soon as November 2, 2018.

Going forward, we’ll continue this practice of deleting inactive free Screencast content on a regular basis. This means we will store free Screencast content for a minimum of one year after the upload date, but it will be deleted if not viewed for one year. This deletion will be permanent.

Once it’s deleted, you will not be able to view, download, or access the content in any way, and we will be unable to retrieve it.

If you do not want your inactive content, no further action is needed! We’ll delete it, freeing up additional space in your account.

How to avoid losing your content

If you have a free Screencast account, you must take action by November 2, 2018 to avoid content loss. Keep inactive content with one of these three options:

1. Upgrade to a paid Screencast Pro account

You will keep all of your content, regardless of how often it is viewed. See all the ways Screencast Pro will benefit you.

2. Click to view each older item you want to keep

Focus on items created more than twelve months ago. Sort library by Last Viewed Date.

3. Save your content to a local drive

We’re also making Screencast even better!

As part of our effort to make your experience better and modernize the Screencast platform, we’re making changes to our content retention approach beginning November 2, 2018. These changes make way for improvements that will benefit all Screencast users, including:

  • New, faster platform for storage and delivery
  • Security improvements, including https secure content delivery

Screencast Pro customers will enjoy more storage!  We are increasing Pro storage and bandwidth limits by about 20% starting late 2018.

This platform investment will enable us to add to the unique benefits already provided by Screencast:

  • Easy integration with our desktop products Snagit and Camtasia
  • Quizzing and interactivity support
  • Large file/lossless video source storage
  • Ad-free platform
  • Open commercial use


Note to Screencast Pro Users: If you are currently on a paid monthly or annual subscription, this policy does not affect your paid Screencast Pro account.