End of support notice

On August 31, 2016 support and services will end for ScreenChomp, Snagit for Google Chrome™ extension, Knowmia Teach, Teach Pro, and Knowmia.com.

Over the last several months, TechSmith has been reassessing how we can best serve the millions of amazing customers that use our tools to create remarkable images and videos everyday for their customers, colleagues, and classrooms.

While ScreenChomp, Knowmia.com, the Teach apps, and our Google Chrome browser extension have certainly been a part of that story, we've decided to end support and retire these products so we can increase our focus on our flagship offerings: Snagit and Camtasia.

Support for ScreenChomp, Knowmia.com, the Teach apps, and the Google Chrome browser extension will end on 8/31/16.

By retiring these products, TechSmith will be in a stronger position to develop tools that serve the needs of our customers. We remain dedicated to teachers, students, and instructional designers all over the world who use Snagit and Camtasia to create learning materials for the classroom, from K-12 to higher education.

Thank you for supporting TechSmith and using the tools our team has worked hard to create.

Please see below for specific information on how to retrieve your data and for the FAQ.

Downloading Your Content

Knowmia Teach and Knowmia Teach Pro

The applications will be removed from the App Store on 6/14/16, and you will no longer be able to download or re-install the app at this time. Sharing to Knowmia.com will stop working on 8/31/16, and TechSmith will release no further updates or fixes after the end of August 2016.


The site will shut down on 8/31/16, and any remaining content will be deleted. After the retirement date, viewing and sharing will no longer work. A download function has been added, so you can save your content.


The application will be removed from the App Store on 6/14/16, and you will no longer be able to download or re-install the app at that time. Sharing will no longer function after 8/31/16, and TechSmith will not release any fixes or updates after the end of August 2016.

If you have saved links for any videos you’d like to save, you can download them onto your computer.

Snagit for Google Chrome extension

The extension will be removed from the Chrome Store on 6/14/16, and you will no longer be able to download or re-install the extension at that time. TechSmith will not release any updates or fixes after the 8/31/16 end of support date.

Your content is already saved in your Google Drive, which means you don’t need to do anything to keep what you’ve already created.

All of your favorite features (like Animated GIF and Webcam) are now in Snagit on the desktop. Try it now for free!


What is happening?
Support for the Knowmia product suite (Teach, Teach Pro, Knowmia.com), ScreenChomp, and our Google Chrome extension for Snagit is ending and the products are being retired. This means TechSmith will no longer release updates or fixes to these products, or offer technical support for these products after the end of support date.

When is this happening?
The applications will be removed from their respective storefronts on 6/14/16, preventing new users from downloading them. Support for the affected apps will end on 8/31/16.

Who is affected by this retirement?
Current users of ScreenChomp, Snagit for Google Chrome, Knowmia Teach, Knowmia Teach Pro, and Knowmia.com.

Why is this happening?
After evaluating our user base, TechSmith has made the strategic decision to increase our focus on the products that provide the most value and success to our customers – Snagit (desktop) and Camtasia. In order to do this, TechSmith cannot continue to support the Knowmia suite, ScreenChomp, and our Google Chrome browser extension.

Do you have another iPad app / free creation tool?
TechSmith does not offer a direct replacement for these products, though there are many alternatives that you can find in the App Store to suit your needs.
ScreenChomp: Check out ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard, or Educreations Interactive Whiteboard.
Knowmia Teach: Take a look at Doceri, ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard, Educreations Interactive Whiteboard.
Google Chrome extension: If you use a Mac or a Windows machine, the full version of Snagit can be set up to share to your Google Drive. If you are on a Chromebook only, there are both app and extension alternatives available in the Chrome Store.

I have Chromebooks in my classroom - does TechSmith have another Chrome product?
No, and there is no work planned for another Chromebook-only solution.

Can I pay you for the app / extension? Will that allow me to keep using it?
No, but thanks for offering. With there being so many free apps for educators, we’ve found that there just isn't enough of a market for a paid version of ScreenChomp / Snagit for Chrome / Knowmia Teach.

Is TechSmith still planning to make products for educators?
We’ve found that our most successful customers in the classroom use Snagit and Camtasia, and we’re increasing our focus on these products to ensure our customers continue to be successful.

Are you going to make a replacement for any of these products?
We do not have any work planned for direct replacements to these apps.

Where can I find more information about each of these products?
ScreenChomp - End of Product Support Announcement​
Snagit for Google Chrome - End of Product Support Announcement​​
Knowmia.com, Teach and Teach Pro - End of Product Support Announcement