Development Updates 

Below you can view the development history of TechSmith Relay. We will continue to add to this as updates are added in the cloud. Looking for TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted) version history? Find it here.

March 2015

Improved Single Sign On integration with systems such as AAD (Azure Active Directory), ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services), SAML2 (Security Assertion Markup Language), CAS (Central Authentication Service), SSO (Single Sign-On), and Shibboleth

LMS grade book support via LTI integration



February 2015

Support for content created with Knowmia Teach Pro by TechSmith on your iPad



Dec 2014

Support for existing content upload, including batch-upload for multiple files

Image support/upload from Snagit, Fuse, and the TechSmith Relay Recorder



Nov 2014

Assign member roles in groups



Oct 2014

Added group privacy



Sep 2014

Add members directly to groups

Launch the desktop recorder from the website



Aug 2014

On-boarding video for first-time users

Account access control (admin feature)

Content management improvements (admin feature)



July 2014

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) support

Azure Active Directory support



June 2014

Improved site navigation

Video management improvements (admin feature)



May 2014

Download TechSmith Relay videos for offline distribution

Easier to find users (admin feature)



April 2014

Import YouTube videos

Make copies of existing videos

Search for groups and users in your organization

User and role management improvements (admin feature)



Feb 2014

Group customization options

User content management improvements (admin feature)



Jan 2014

TechSmith Relay initial release