Using the TechSmith Relay PowerPoint Add-in


Allow students and colleagues to review information or catch-up on what they missed by recording lectures and presentations with the TechSmith Relay PowerPoint Add-in. Starting a recording takes seconds and, when you’re done, the video is sent straight to your TechSmith Relay media library.

Please note: The TechSmith Relay PowerPoint Add-in requires the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016.

Getting the TechSmith Relay Recorder Add-in

The TechSmith Relay PowerPoint Add-in is automatically added and enabled in PowerPoint when you install the TechSmith Relay Recorder on your machine. See Downloading and Installing the TechSmith Relay Recorder if you would like help getting the recorder on your machine.

Using the TechSmith Relay Recorder Add-in

  1. Open the PowerPoint Presentation you would like to record.
    PowerPoint presentation open
  2. Click the Slide Show button in the bottom right-hand corner of the PowerPoint window to enter presentation mode.
    Close up on presentation mode button
  3. The TechSmith Relay recording dialog will appear, allowing you to change the default audio device (microphone) and input settings if necessary. When you’re ready to start recording, click Record Slide Show and begin your presentation.
    TechSmith Relay recording settings
  4. When you reach the end of your presentation and/or exit presentation mode, TechSmith Relay will ask whether you would like stop recording.
    1. Click Yes to complete your recording and open it in the TechSmith Relay Recorder review window.
      TechSmith Relay end recording dialog with yes or no options
    2. If you click No, TechSmith Relay will continue to record your screen until you go to the Add-Ins tab in PowerPoint and select Stop recording.
      Add-ins tab in PowerPoint with callout pointing to stop recording button
  5. Here you can (A) preview your recording, (B) trim unnecessary portions from the beginning or end, and (C) add a title and description.
    TechSmith Relay video preview and submit window
  6. Once everything is the way you like it, click Submit to upload the video to your TechSmith Relay media library.
    TechSmith Relay preview window with Submit button highlighted
  7. Once your video is successfully submitted to TechSmith Relay, a window will appear with the link. Click View Now to go straight to your video, or Copy the link for sharing.
    Successful video upload dialog

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