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Modern online video creation without the high learning curve

Create and manage videos

1. Record videos

Start with simple and intuitive video recording that works from any computer or mobile device with a few clicks.

Share securely

2. Share and manage content

Videos you create are then uploaded to an easy-to-navigate online video library that privately stores your content.

See quiz results

3. See the results

After your video is uploaded, track learning in real-time with TechSmith Relay's analytics without the need for a third-party tool.


“Odessa College experienced more than 10 times the adoption at one third the cost of our previous system, all within six months of introducing TechSmith Relay.”


Shawn Shreves, VP of IT at Odessa College

The best way to engage students online

Instructors need to create videos for their courses, but get held back by overpriced, complicated systems. TechSmith Relay gives you an easy and cost-effective way to create and maintain videos for online learning.

Lecture capture

Record lectures in the background, so you can focus on teaching, not creating video. Or automate your lecture capture for hands-off capture and scheduling.

Online learning

Create an interactive online learning experience. Take online courses from just narrated PowerPoints to rich, personal video content.

Flipped and  blended learning

Make video lessons measureable with built-in quizzes, and hold students accountable for what they're learning.

Resources and guides

Boise State Case Study

Boise State University Case Study

Learn how they improved lecture capture usage, ROI, and student outcomes by ditching their hardware-based video platform.

TechSmith Relay Accessibility Report

Seven Ways You Need To Make Your Video Lecture Accessible

Learn the seven things you need to do to make sure you're ready for the new Section 508 guidelines.

TechSmith Relay features

Keep them in the loop

Seamless LMS integration

Make the most of your existing Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, Brightspace, or other LMS that supports LTI. Students can access video content directly through the LMS with no additional log-in. Analytics and quiz scores are reported automatically to the gradebook.

Assess learning

In-video quizzes

Engage students by adding true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, or short answer questions directly within the video. Students can interact on any device. See detailed results online through the Assessment dashboard. Quiz scores can be reported directly to the LMS gradebook.

Make it interactive

Smarter closed captioning

Easily reach accessibility compliance with speech-to-text, script-synched, or manual captioning. Assign captioning to students or staff, or import standard caption files from third-party vendors. You can even edit captions after your video has been shared.

See who's watching

At-a-glance analytics

See who has watched your videos, and track how much they've seen. Make video viewing accountable through assignments in your LMS. Video viewing percentage can be automatically reported into the gradebook.

Integrate with your LMS

Make the most of your existing Blackboard, Moodle, Haiku, or other LMS deployment. TechSmith Relay integrates with Basic Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) standards, allowing for single sign-on for users and viewers. Viewers can access content without leaving your LMS, making it easy to learn and use.

Easy User Management

Since TechSmith Relay connects with Azure Active Directory (AAD), SAML2, Shibboleth, Google, and more, you get secure access to all your content with one sign-on. TechSmith Relay provides seamless authentication, with one less password to remember.

Convenient recording

Record anytime, anywhere

Record your own videos on any Mac or PC from anywhere in your organization. You can even record on your own computer at home. TechSmith Relay automatically uploads your video to the cloud and lets you easily trim your recording.

Use your favorite videos

Use your favorite videos

You don’t have to create everything from scratch. TechSmith Relay lets you use images and videos you already have. You can upload one or many files at once. Or, bring in videos from YouTube, and add your own quizzing and analytics.

On mobile, too

Get videos from your mobile device straight into TechSmith Relay. Use TechSmith Fuse to import a video you already have, or capture something new using the app’s built-in camera. 

Integrate seamlessly

Want to do even more? Create images and videos with TechSmith products you already use and love, like Snagit or Camtasia, then share them with TechSmith Relay. Our solutions work together so you'll always have what you need. 

TechSmith Fronst and Sullivan Award

Award-winning lecture capture

TechSmith Relay's easy-to-use, yet rich lecture capture solutions made it the winner of the 2016 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership.

How much is an unused system really costing you?

How many instructors aren't using your current solution? How many videos go unwatched because they don't engage students? How many potential videos aren't getting created because the system is too complicated? Besides the money, a lack of an easy-to-use system may already be costing you a great deal.

The higher education video platform you'll actually use

Better adoption • Better engagement  • Better results

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