TechSmith Relay 4 End of Support

On September 30, 2017, support for TechSmith Relay 4 (self-hosted) will end. At that time, there will be no further updates or technical support available for TechSmith Relay 4 (self-hosted). Customers should strongly consider upgrading to Relay 5 to benefit from continued support, as well as new features and functionality. Learn more about upgrading to Relay 5.

What does this mean for me?

TechSmith will no longer issue patches or maintenance updates for Relay 4 after September 30, 2017. Any upgrades you choose to apply to either your web browser or OS may cause Relay 4 to stop working properly. Customers are welcome to continue using Relay 4 as long as they’d like, but before September 30, 2017, you should take action and upgrade to the latest version of TechSmith Relay in order to avoid any loss of service.

Why should I upgrade?

TechSmith Relay 5 offers a host of new features aimed at more tightly integrating with your existing systems, supporting more content types, as well as increased performance. Upgrading is easy, and ensures you get to stay current with the latest updates and technical support for TechSmith Relay.

Is the cloud an option?

Contact the Relay team today and learn about the benefits of TechSmith hosting Relay for you.

4.4.3 Final Maintenance Update

TechSmith will issue a final maintenance update for Relay 4(self-hosted) users on July, 2015.

This update will include:
- Fix for Mac Relay Recorder crash when recording a PowerPoint presentation
- Fix SmartPlayer loading / playback delay
- Fix for captions containing RTF metadata when sending to Kaltura

This update is not designed to future-proof Relay 4. If you are planning to make any browser or OS updates, or add new users to your Relay system with newer devices, you should consider upgrading to avoid any compatibility issues.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will TechSmith provide bug fixes for Relay 4 moving forward?

One final maintenance patch will be issued to address current Relay 4 issues in July, 2015, but no further updates will be issued by TechSmith.

When does phone support for Relay 4 come to an end?

Phone support for Relay 4 ends on September 30, 2017.

How do I upgrade to the latest version of TechSmith Relay?

Contact the TechSmith Relay team today - we’ll make your upgrade as quick and easy as possible!

What’s new in TechSmith Relay 5?

Check out the new features of Relay here.