Camtasia for Mac Tutorials

Whether you're a new or existing user, our video and written tutorials are here to help you get the most out of Camtasia for Mac. Select a tutorial below to get started.

Version 1


Title Category Level Format
000 - Getting Started 1: Recording Basics Getting Started I Video/Written
001 - Getting Started 2: Editing Interface Basics Getting Started I Video/Written
002 - Getting Started 3: Media Bin Basics Getting Started I Video/Written
003 - Getting Started 4: Canvas Basics Getting Started I Video/Written
004 - Getting Started 5: Timeline Basics Getting Started I Video/Written
005 - Getting Started 6: Effects Basics Getting Started I Video/Written
006 - Getting Started 7: Audio Basics Getting Started I Video/Written
007 - Getting Started 8: Sharing Basics Getting Started I Video
008 - Add a Marker Timeline II Video/Written
009 - Add a Table of Contents Additions III Video/Written
010 - Adding Effects to Media with Filters Effects II Video/Written
011 - Adding Polish with Transitions Effects II Video/Written
012 - Adding Zooms and Other Actions Effects II Video/Written
013 - Adjust the Canvas Dimensions Canvas II Written
014 - Captions Audio III Written
015 - Change a Clip's or Shape's Color and Color Properties Additions II Written
016 - Create a Title or Credits Additions II Written
017 - Direct Viewer's Attention with Callouts Additions II Video/Written
018 - Editing on Timeline Timeline II Video
019 - Embed a Flash Video on a Webpage or Blog Share III Written
020 - Export a Video with Captions Audio III Written
021 - For Camtasia Studio Users: Feature Comparison Chart Reference II Written
022 - For Camtasia Studio Users: File Formats Reference II Written
023 - For Camtasia Studio Users: Media on the Timeline Timeline II Written
024 - For Camtasia Studio Users: Previewing Your Video during Editing Canvas II Written
025 - For Camtasia Studio Users: Record a Region Record II Written
026 - For Camtasia Studio Users: Selecting Production Dimensions Share II Written
027 - For Camtasia Studio Users: Show a Specific Window or Region Canvas II Written
028 - For Camtasia Studio Users: SmartFocus Effects II Written
029 - For Camtasia Studio Users: Timeline Tracks Timeline II Written
030 - For Camtasia Studio Users: Title Clips Additions II Written
031 - For Camtasia Studio Users: Transitions & Effects Effects II Written
032 - Improving the Quality of Your Video Troubleshooting III Video
033 - Insert Media Between Clips on the Timeline Timeline I Video/Written
034 - Modify Your Media's Properties Properties II Video
035 - Prevent Black Bars and Borders on Final Video Troubleshooting III Video
036 - Record a PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation Record II Video
037 - Recording Tips Recording II Written
038 - Replace a Section of Audio on the Timeline Audio III Video/Written
039 - Select an Area to Record Record II Written
040 - Share Over the Internet with Share II Video/Written
041 - Share Video to iPod, iPhone or onto iTunes Share II Video/Written
042 - Share Video to YouTube Share II Video/Written
043 - Show a Specific Window or Region Canvas III Video/Written
044 - Syncing Audio and Video Audio III Video
045 - Watermark a Video Additions II Written
046 - Working on the Canvas Canvas II Video/Written
047 - Working on the Timeline Timeline II Video
048 - Working with Audio Audio II Video
049 - Working with Text Additions II Video/Written
050 - Working with Timeline Tracks Timeline II Written
051 - Zooming in with SmartFocus Audio III Video/Written