Add a watermark image to:

  • Identify the video owner/creator.
  • Protect intellectual property.
  • Brand a video with a company’s or institution’s logo.

To add a watermark:

  1. Click the Media & Library tab. Click Media.
  2. Click the Import Media button.
  3. Select an image and click Import.
  4. Camtasia adds the image into the Media Bin. Drag the image onto the timeline or canvas.
    Imported image in Media Bin
  5. Click to select the image on the canvas or timeline.
    Image on canvas
  6. To position the image, drag the image on the canvas.
  7. To resize the image, drag the handle on the canvas.
  8. Click the Properties button to edit settings such as Opacity.
    Opacity property
  9. To display the watermark through the entire video, drag the right edge of the watermark image to the end of the timeline.
    Drag end to extend the duration of the image
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