Frequently Asked Questions

We put together some answers to questions we often hear from people. If you don't see your question here, tell us.

Why is Jing Pro no longer available?

While the free version of Jing is still available, Jing Pro has been retired and its MPEG-4 video functionality has been incorporated into Snagit. Snagit has no set recording limit and many other powerful features. Learn more.

Can I edit my Jing Videos?

You can edit videos created in Jing in any video editing application that supports the SWF file format.

Can Jing make images in non-PNG format-like JPG instead?

No. Just PNG.

Why is Jing limited to 5 minutes?

Jing is ideal for quick, informal visual communication. For professional video recording and editing software with longer limits, try Camtasia Studio or Camtasia for Mac.

Can I move or hide the Sun?

Yes. Check this out.

How do I cover up a part of my image that contains sensitive information?

The text box tool is the best way to achieve this. Check this out. If you're looking for more robust editing options, check out Snagit.

Why can't my computer open a Jing video?

Try dragging the file into a web browser window. Learn how to open SWFs in a default browser automatically. We recommend sending the video to then sharing the link to ensure there's no issues for viewers.

I want to put images and videos on my own website or blog. How do I do that?

One way is you can take the embed code provided when you upload your image or video to and put it in your site. Here's a help topic that can help you obtain and modify the embed code from

How do I capture something that's bigger than my screen?

Officially, you can't. A work-around would be to record a video, and then scroll down every few seconds. You could even tell the viewer to pause while watching so they can see everything. A better solution would be to get Snagit which has automatic scrolling capture.

Does Jing work on Linux?

No, and currently we have no plans to do so.

Does Jing have a higher frame rate setting?

Nope. It's hard-coded at 10 frames per second. Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for Mac can record at higher frame rates and offer editing capabilities.

How do I select a different audio input device?

Check this out.

How can I use Jing with a Proxy server? (Windows)

Please see this Technical Support knowledgebase article.

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