Import Snagit Media into Knowmia

Learn how to send media from Snagit, directly into your Knowmia library.

Uploading Media from Snagit

  1. Record a video or create an image with Snagit. To learn how, check out this tutorial: Quickly Capture Your Screen.
    Note: If the media you want to upload already exists, open or import your files into Snagit Editor using the File menu. Click File > Open...
  2. With the video or image selected in the Snagit Editor, click the TechSmith Knowmia output in the Share menu. 
    Note: If the icon is grayed out, it’s likely you have an unsupported file type selected.
  3. You may be asked to sign in to your account as shown below.

  4. After selecting the Knowmia icon, the following dialog appears. Edit the title and description of your media, and click Share.

    A progress bar displays while the media uploads.

    Once the upload is complete, a notification appears.
  5. Click the notification or log in to your Knowmia website to view the added media in your library.



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