The Default Study Configuration

When you open Morae Recorder, the Welcome dialog asks you to create or open a study configuration. If you click Cancel, Recorder loads the Default Study configuration. Learn how to conduct a recording immediately using these default settings.

    What is a Study Configuration?

    In Morae, a study configuration file (.mrcfg) contains both study and recording details.

    • Study Details: Task definitions, marker definitions, and satisfaction survey. Applies to all recordings in a study and must be the same for every recording in the study.
    • Recording Details: How to start and stop Recorder, what events to capture, who logs tasks in Observer, and how to process the recordings. Applies to the specific test environment/participant set up and may vary between recordings in the same study.

    The default study configuration is included with Recorder to allow you to quickly start a test, without changing any study configuration settings. You do not have to do anything besides press the Record button.

    If you select Create a new study configuration on the Welcome screen, Recorder loads the Default Study configuration and also opens the Study Details dialog box for you to edit the configuration.

    Record Using the Default Study Configuration

    The Default Study configuration includes generic tasks, basic markers, no survey, and basic Recording Details. The procedure below explains how to use this configuration.

    To learn how to customize the study and recording details, see Defining a Study in Recorder in the Morae Recorder Help.

    1. Open Recorder. In the Welcome to Morae Recorder dialog box, click Cancel. Welcome to Morae Recorder dialog box
    2. Click the Start button to begin recording. Recorder Start button

      In the default configuration, you must manually start and stop the recording.

    3. Recording begins and Recorder minimizes to a tray icon.Recorder tray icon During recording, the Default Study configuration captures:
      • Screen video
      • Camera video, if available
      • Microphone audio, if available
      • Keystrokes
      • Screen text
      • Mouse clicks
      • Web page changes
      • Window/Dialog events
      • Applications used
      • Generic tasks 1 through 20, logged by the first Observer that connects to the session
      • Eight basic markers, logged by Observers Default Marker definitions
    4. To stop the recording, right-click on the tray icon and select Stop from the context menu. Default Marker Definitions
    5. The Recording File Details dialog box appears. Enter a file name, location, and description. Click OK.
      Recording File Details dialog
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