Lesson 3: Finish the Study Configuration

After you set up the Study Details (tasks, markers, and survey definitions), configure the Machine Settings to specify how to record sessions on a given computer, create a test recording, and save the configuration.

In this lesson we will cover:

Modify Machine Settings

Machine Settings let you modify:

  • Screen video compression and frame rate
  • Audio device and volume
  • Hotkey setup
  • Output folder and performance options

To modify the Machine Settings by removing desktop wallpaper during recording:

  1. In Recorder, click Machine Settings.
  2. Click the Preferences tab.
  3. Check the Remove desktop wallpaper during capture box and click OK.

    Cut down on the file size of a recording by turning off the desktop wallpaper during recording.

Create a Test Recording

A test recording shows exactly what will be recorded during a session. Use the test recording to verify Recorder is correctly recording audio, screen video, and webcam video.

  1. In Recorder, click Test Recording.
  2. When prompted, click Yes to continue. The screen is recorded for about ten seconds.

    The desktop wallpaper disappears during recording and comes back when recording is complete.

  3. The test recording plays automatically when complete.

    During recording, a recording icon appears in the System Tray.

  4. Verify you can hear audio, see the screen, and see the webcam video.

Save the Study Configuration

Once you complete and test the study configuration, click the Save button in Recorder to enter a file name and save the configuration.

Each time you create or modify a study configuration, make sure to save the new or updated file.

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