Log a New Marker in Morae Manager

When analyzing recordings, you may notice that the study configuration needed additional markers to log during sessions. While it may be too late to log markers with Observer, this tutorial will show you how to add and log new markers in the recordings imported into Manager.

In this lesson we will cover:

Why Create and Log a New Marker?

There are many reasons to create and log a new marker in Manager. Here's an example:

While studying the recordings, you realize that all of your participants often open the Help. You want to add a marker to log each time the participants opened the help file in the recordings.

To do this, first add a User opens Help File marker and then log this new marker in the recordings. After logging all recordings, you may want to use these markers to create graphs, identify trends, or export data.

Add a New Marker to the Study Configuration

To create a new marker in Manager, choose Edit > Marker Definitions and follow these steps:

Add a new marker to study configuration

When you add a new marker to the study configuration in Manager, the changes are applied to the whole study, and the new marker is available for all recordings.

Log the Marker in the Recordings

To log the marker in the recordings, go through each of the recordings and use the following steps to log each marker:

Add the new marker to the recordings

You can add a name, choose a folder, set a score, and add an audio note for the marker. For more information on these options, see the Morae Manager Help.

When you click OK, the marker is added to the recording.

New marker shown in recording

To view the frame of video related to the marker, click on the marker's name in the Project pane, or click on its diamond on the Timeline.


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