Lesson 4: Record and Log Participants

After you create a study configuration and verify the setup with a test recording, you are ready to conduct a real session.

In this lesson we will cover:

The Recorder and Observer

During a session, Morae Recorder runs on the participant's computer, and Morae Observer runs on the computers of observers.

  • Recorder creates a complete chronicle of the events that occur behind the scenes in applications and the operating system, and the participant's onscreen and keyboard activity. These data streams are recorded in sync with video of the user (through a web camera or other camera device) and audio of the user (through a microphone).
  • Observer connects to Recorder over a network and displays the participant's full experience, including the screen, audio comments and camera video. Each person using Observer can log markers, marker scores, and text notes, which are sent back to the Recorder and saved as part of the recording file.

Record a Session on the Participant Computer

Use the following procedure to record a session.

  1. Install Recorder on the participant computer.
  2. Copy the study configuration file to the desktop of the participant computer.
  3. Double-click the configuration file to open Recorder with the configuration already loaded.
  4. If prompted, you can reduce your screen resolution to 1024 by 768 to allow for better system performance and viewing of the recording.
  5. If you have not created a test recording on the participant computer, click Test Recording. Verify you can hear audio, see the screen, and see the webcam video.
  6. When you are ready to record, press the Record button.

Log a Session on the Observer Computer

  1. On the observer's computer, open Observer. The Connect to Recorder dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the IP address of the participant computer.
    To find the IP address, on the participant computer, choose Windows Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and type ipconfig. Look for the line that reads “IP address……. : xx.xx.xx.xx” where xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP address.
  3. Fill in the Observer name.
  4. Choose how to view the session with Observer.
    • Choose Screen and camera video in real-time, no audio if the observer is in the same room as the participant.
    • Choose Screen and camera video with audio if the observer is in a different room as the participant.
  5. Click OK to connect to the participant computer. When the connection is made, the observer sees the participant's screen and webcam video.
  6. When the participant begins a task, select the Start Task marker or press the hotkey <CTRL+S>, and then select a task from the dropdown list in the log.
  7. As the participant works on the task, add markers for participant actions or notes. To add markers, select the marker in the list or press the hotkey <CTRL+[letter]>, where [letter] is the letter assigned in the Type column.
  8. When the participant completes a task, select the End Task marker.
  9. Continue logging tasks and markers until the test is complete.

End the Recording

When the participant completes all tasks, stop Recorder, have the participant fill out the survey, and save the recording.

  1. Stop Recorder. Use the hotkey combination <CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F9>, or right-click the tray icon and choose Stop from the menu.
  2. A survey is delivered to participant. When the survey is complete, have the participant click Done to close the survey.
  3. When prompted, enter a name, folder, and description for the recording and click OK.

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