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Maintain Privacy Using the Blur Tool


Maintain the privacy of you and your customers. Cover up sensitive information in your images with the Blur tool.

Privacy is important in today’s digital world. Make sure to always review your images for sensitive or personal information before sharing. Consider hiding usernames, passwords, email addresses, avatars or identity badges, your location, and payment info.

Snagit offers several ways to protect your privacy in the content you create and share. This tutorial will show you how to use the Blur tool to cover up sensitive information in your images.

Note: To maintain privacy in a video capture, share your video to Camtasia.

Blur Part of an Image

  1. Open the image in Snagit Editor.
  2. In the toolbar, click to select the Blur tool.
    Blur tool icon
  3. The tool properties appear. Select the blur type from the dropdown.
    Options for type of blur to apply
    • Smooth: Reduces the details in a capture similar to viewing through an out-of-focus lens. Use to apply depth or to blur the details in sensitive information.
    • Pixelate: Covers up an area with a set of large square pixels. Use to mask faces or sensitive information in an image capture.
  4. Drag the slider to set the blur Intensity.
    Tip: To ensure the text is not readable when using the Smooth blur, you may need to set a higher Intensity for the Smooth blur than used for the Pixelate blur.
    Examples of how different blurs appear in an image
    The example above shows a Smooth blur with an intensity of 5 (shown left), Smooth blur with an intensity of 30 (shown center), and a Pixelate blur with an intensity of 5 (shown right).
  5. On the canvas, click and drag to select the area to blur.
    Showing how a blur is applied with a click and drag of the cursor
  6. To further adjust the selection:
    • Click and drag a handle to resize the selected area.
    • Click within the selected area and drag it to a new location to move the selection.
  7. If you are not satisfied with the preview on the canvas, you can continue to edit the tool properties.
  8. To make the blur a permanent part of the image, right-click on the blur and select Flatten. Once flattened, the object is a permanent part of the image and cannot be edited.

Privacy Tips:

  • Consider your audience. Scan your images for any content or personal information you do not want to accidentally share.
  • Don’t forget to check your computer desktop, programs open in the background, web browser and bookmarks, or email inbox when capturing images on the screen.
  • When sharing feedback or issues, you may want to hide the person’s identity and contact information to keep the feedback anonymous.
  • If you’re documenting an account or payment process, use Snagit’s editing tools to blur or cover up the sensitive information.
  • Do not share personal information such as passwords, banking information, or social security numbers online.
  • If you did not obtain consent to photograph a person at a public event, you may want to blur the subject from the photo before posting or sharing.

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