Change the Global Capture Shortcut

Start a capture anytime anywhere using the Global Capture Shortcut. Learn how to set the Global Capture Shortcut to a key or set of keys you prefer.

Capture button and cursor icon.

Global capture shortcut

The global capture shortcut lets you initiate a capture using the current settings in the capture window without clicking the big red capture button.

By default, the global capture shortcut is the Print Screen button on your keyboard.

Capture window with capture shortcut highlighted.

Icon of keyboard button symbols.

Change the global capture shortcut

The global capture shortcut can be changed to any key or series of keys on your keyboard. 

To change the global capture shortcut, click the hotkey field beneath the capture button and press a key or series of keys. These will appear in the shortcut field.

Press the new chosen keys any time and from any application to initiate a capture.

Snagit presets icon.

Presets and other shortcuts

The global capture shortcut isn’t the only way to initiate captures using keyboard shortcuts. Snagit has a number of keyboard shortcuts on Windows and Mac.

Presets are another way to setup custom capture workflows. Each preset can be assigned a unique hotkey of your choosing.

Capture window with presets menu open.