Combine Images

Quickly create visual guides with the Combine Images feature. Choose your images and Snagit automatically combines them into a single, attractive guide with numbered steps and text.

Combine images icon.

Quickly combine images

Snagit’s new Combine Images feature allows you to combine multiple images into a single one. After choosing images to combine, customize the final product with descriptive text, step numbers, and the font look you like.

Cursor choosing an image icon.

Choose images to combine

Press Control + Click (On Mac: Command + Click) to select images from the recent captures tray. Then, right click and select Combine Images.

Sliders for customization icon.

Customize your combined image

Customize your final product by reordering images, adding descriptive text and choosing a font, canvas and step number colors. When you’re satisfied with your image, click Combine to produce the image.