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Customize Your Editing Toolbar

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Customize the editing toolbar to provide quick access to tools, menu options, effects, and outputs you frequently use.

Do you frequently use the same tools in Snagit Editor? You can customize the toolbar to provide quick access to those tools, along with share destinations, effects, and menu items. Add the specific tools you use for your job to help reduce editing time.

To start customizing the toolbar, open Snagit Editor and select More > Customize Toolbar. 
Snagit toolbar with the more button selected

Remove Less Frequently Used Tools

Remove less frequently used tools to create a cleaner toolbar and to improve editing time. To remove a tool, click and drag the item off of the toolbar area. 
Tool panel open with the pen tool highlighted in the toolbar

To access the removed tool at a later time, click the More button and select the tool from the dropdown list. The tools can also be accessed from the Tools menu. 

Add Menu Items, Effects, or Share Destinations

By default, the toolbar only includes editing tools, however, you can easily add your commonly-used or favorite menu items, effects, or share destinations.  

For this example, let’s add the tools frequently used for creating images for presentations. I’m going to add the Microsoft PowerPoint Output, the Google Drive Output, and the Border effect. 

To add an image, click and drag the desired item from the Customize Toolbar dialog onto the desired position on the toolbar. 
Animated GIF showing dragging the PPT icon to the toolbar

Rearrange the Toolbar

You can rearrange or group toolbar items based on your needs. To rearrange the toolbar based on your preferences:

  1. Select More > Customize Toolbar.
  2. Click and drag an item in the toolbar to its desired position. 

Tip: To separate or group a set of tools, click and drag a Spacer onto the toolbar between the two sets of tools.
Tools panel open showing dragging flexible space to the toolbar

Here are two example toolbars arranged based on different preferences: 

  1. Arrange the toolbar based on job function. 
    ​​Snagit Toolbar
    This example shows a toolbar organized based on two job functions:
    • The set of toolbar items on the left support creating captures for presentations. 
    • The set of toolbar items on the right support creating captures for internal process documentation. 
  2. Arrange the toolbar based on step in the workflow. 
    Snagit toolbar
    • The set of toolbar items on the left support editing captures.
    • The set of toolbar items on the right support sharing captures.



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