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Discover ways to enhance your content with Snagit and Camtasia. Send images to use as assets in a Camtasia video project. Add titles, animations, or other enhancements to your Snagit videos.

Below are some tips and best practices for collaboration between your Snagit and Camtasia projects. 

Share Media to Camtasia 

Send images and videos created in Snagit to Camtasia. In Camtasia, you can enhance your video captures or use these files as source clips for your Camtasia projects.

  • From Snagit Editor, send media to Camtasia’s Clip Bin using the Share menu.
    Snagit share menu open with Camtasia selected
  • Or, save your Snagit media to your computer, then use the Import Media option in Camtasia to add the files to your project.
    Camtasia file menu open with import media selected

Snagit and Camtasia Video Project Best Practices

Here are a few things to keep in mind to give you the best results when using content created with Snagit in your Camtasia projects.

  • Create one unique folder for each of your Snagit and Camtasia collaboration projects. As you build your project, put all your media, recordings, project files, produced videos, and image/capture files in this one folder. This not only helps you stay organized but reduces the risk of having broken media links or missing media files if something gets moved. 
  • Use the same editing dimensions in Camtasia and Snagit. For best results, edit your Camtasia video at the size you want the final video to be. Make sure to use the same dimensions or aspect raito when you create videos, title clips, or other media in Snagit. The less you have to resize your Snagit media in Camtasia, the clearer it will look.
  • Create Consistent Branding
    Will you use corporate branding such as logos, colors, arrows, etc. in your video project? Do you have a team contributing media files to a single project? If so, use Snagit to create a .SNAGPROJ file contains fonts, colors, styles, and assets to use in your company's image and video projects. This helps ensure consistency and provides unity in your content. When you have defined your colors, callouts, etc. share the .SNAGPROJ file with your team. 
    Style guide with callouts, numbers, colors and fonts

About Media Created with Snagit for Camtasia

Keep the following in mind when using images and videos created with Snagit in a Camtasia project.

  • Images saved with transparency retain the transparency in Camtasia.
    Snagit image open in camtasia with player buttons drawn on
  • Color images, including Snagit stamps, can be recolored using the Colorize effect in Camtasia’s Video FX.
    Snagit image open in Camtasia with markers drawn on
  • .SNAGPROJ files cannot be used in Camtasia and all vector objects in a Snagit image are flattened when saved as a PNG or other image file. So, callouts, stamps, arrows, etc. cannot be manipulated in Camtasia.
  • Images created in Snagit may not scale up very well if they need to be resized in Camtasia. Therefore, it is important to create your Snagit images at the correct dimensions to avoid blurry arrows, callouts, text and more.
    Snagit image open in Camtasia with callouts drawn on


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