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Intro to Video

Snagit 4

Words alone don’t always capture what we need to say. Recording and sharing a video with colleagues can be a great way to fill in the gaps.

Key takeaways from this video

0:00 - Video is a helpful tool for explaining ideas and sharing information.

0: 53 - Preparing your screen before recording to avoid re-recording and save editing time.

0:59 - The video tab allows you to customize your capture.

1:31 - Click the big red Capture button to select a region, adjust audio settings, and start recording.

2:13 - Pause a recording, switch between your screen and a webcam, or restart your recording any time.

2:53 - Completed recordings open in Snagit Editor where you can preview and make quick edits.

3:22 - Quickly save your video or share it with others using the Share menu.



Tutorial Video (40.6 MB)

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