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Share Corporate Styles and Standards

Snagit 4

Assist your coworkers in designing professional content that reflects your style guide and brand. Create a set of custom styles in Snagit to share across your organization.

With the release of Snagit 4.1, there's a better way to share your styles across your organization! 
Please see the tutorial on Quick Style Themes to learn more.

Build Consistent Styles for Your Organization

Maintaining consistency in the look and feel of your website, documentation, social media, and sales communications can help to

  • Provide a consistent voice across all content.
  • Establish recognition, credibility, and make your brand feel more dependable.
  • Make your content look polished and professional. 

Create Styles Based on Brand

Build a .snagproj file to share your custom styles with others. The .snagproj file automatically shares the Quick Style properties, saving you the time it would take to document and set up the properties on another computer. The .snagproj file format saves the current state of an image and allows for vector-based objects on the canvas to be edited at a later time. 

  1. In Snagit Editor, select File > New
  2. Click to select a Quick Style in the properties. Or, set up a new Quick Style. To learn how, see the Add a Quick Style help topic. 
  3. Add or draw the style onto the canvas. 
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have added all of the desired styles. 
  5. Select File > Save As
  6. Enter a file name and select the SNAGPROJ file format. 
  7. Click Save

Note: The .snagproj file format is only supported on Snagit Mac. To create and share these Quick Styles on Snagit Windows, see the tutorial.  


Sharing Quick Styles with Coworkers

After creating a .snagproj file with the custom styles and labels for your organization, share these styles with your coworkers. Send the .snagproj file with the following instructions: 

  1. Download the .snagproj file onto your computer.
  2. Double-click the .snagproj file to open it in Snagit Editor. 
  3. Select a style on the canvas and click the Add button in the Quick Styles. 

The new style appears in the Quick Styles. Continue this process until you have added all of the desired styles. 

Note: To export only the styles, select Snagit > Export Styles. Select the styles to export and click Export Selected button or click the Export All button. Double-click the exported file to export the shared styles into the Quick Styles. 

Here are some tips and a sample style guide to help you get started creating your own Quick Styles to match your company’s style guide.

Snagit UI side-by-side with a style guide

Tips for Style Guides


When using a callout to draw attention, make sure to select colors that stand out from the background or interface. One callout style may not accommodate all images. Make sure to include alternative styles based on the purpose for the images. For example, consider creating separate styles for callouts used on light backgrounds and on dark backgrounds. 

  • Experiment with different Shape styles.  
  • Use shapes with a tail to draw attention to an item or as a speech bubble. 
  • Use the simple rectangle shape style as a text box or to make text readable on the image. 


Make sure to use a consistent font type across the styles. Establish standard fonts to use for body text, callout text, and for headings throughout your content. 


Set up different line and end styles based on what you are trying to convey. For example: 

  • An arrow with this end style Red arrowsignifies a starting point in the image. 
  • Add a bezier curve or change the line style to show motion. 


Set up shapes with the approved brand colors or complementary colors for coworkers to build charts, infographics, presentations, or other resources. 


Customize the step color to ensure the labels stand out or compliment the colors in the image. Add these labels for diagrams, documentation, presentations, and tests. 


If you did not capture the cursor with the original image, you can use Stamps to add the standard cursor at a later time. Include acceptable cursors to use for each platform. 

Match a Color on the Screen (Various Tools)

Use the Eyedropper tool to match a color in a logo, image, or on the screen: 

  1. Open item to match the color on the screen.
  2. In Snagit Editor, select the desired tool or effect. 
  3. The properties appear. Select the Color dropdown > Eyedropper tool. 
    Eyedropper tool
  4. Move your cursor over the color to match on the screen.
    Eye dropper tool over a blue background
  5. Click to select that color. 

You can also enter a HEX or RGB color value into the field in the Color options. 

Add Informative Labels (Text)

In the .snagproj file, add text to help label how each style should be used. You may also want to include the RGB value or HEX value for the colors used. 

To see an example of custom styles in a .snagproj file, download the example style guide here.

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