Record a Video


Video topics include:

0:19 – Video capture mode
0:32 – A quick tip
0:55 – Select area
1:20 – Magnifier
1:50 – Recorder controls
2:40 – The recording process
3:35 – Capture a frame
3:54 – Share your video
4:05 – Edit in Camtasia

Select the Video Capture button to record the action on your screen. Snagit captures MPEG-4 video that you can share using Snagit's Outputs.

Select the Recording Area

  1. Click the Video Capture button.
    Video Capture button
  2. Click the Capture button or press the Video Capture keyboard shortcut, Shift-Control-V (default).
  3. Select an area to record:
    • To select a region, click and drag with the crosshairs.
      Click and drag to select a region
    • To select a window, move your cursor over the desired window until an orange dashed border appears around the window. Click to select that area.
      Window selection
    • To select standard video dimensions, see Record at Standard Video Dimensions.
    • For pixel accuracy, press M to show or hide the magnifier.
  4. After selecting the area, you can:
    • Drag the borders to change the recording area.
    • Click and drag within the recording area to move the position on the screen.

Record at Standard Video Dimensions

If you are sharing your video to a location that requires specific dimensions for the size of your video, it is recommended to record at these dimensions or at the same aspect ratio.

Snagit has video guides that show the standard or recommended dimensions for common video sharing destinations such as YouTube, the web, and mobile devices.

  1. Press G to turn the video guides on or off.
  2. Click and drag to select the recording area. As you drag your cursor near one of the standard dimensions, the guide dimly appears.
  3. Continue to drag the cursor until the border highlights to match the guide.
    Drag to match video guides

Set Up the Audio for a Recording

  1. After selecting the area to record, enable the Audio button.
  2. Select the audio input source from the menu.
  3. To test the microphone audio, talk as you would during the recording. You will see activity on the audio meter if the audio device is on and set up properly. You may need to lower the audio input volume if the audio input meter displays any red.
  4. To mute the microphone while recording, click the Mute Audio button or choose Mute Audio from the Menu bar icon.

Start, Pause, or Stop a Recording:

  • Start
    Click the Record button or press Option-Shift-Command-S. The recording countdown starts.
  • Pause
    Click the Pause button or press Option-Shift-Command-S. Click this button again to resume the recording.
  • Stop
    Click the Stop button or press Shift-Control-V.

The video is recorded as a MPEG-4 and is saved in the AutoSave folder. You can preview and share the video within Snagit Editor. To edit the video, import the video capture into Camtasia for Mac.


Download MP4 | 31.94MB