Snagit Project File Format

  • SNAG is the Snagit on Windows project file format.
  • SNAGPROJ is the Snagit on Mac project file format.

The Snagit project file format that retains vector-based objects such as arrows, callouts, text, and stamps. Other file formats flatten all vector objects to make the objects a permanent part of the image.

The SNAG and SNAGPROJ files allow you to edit captures and vector objects at a later time. These file formats are not compatible cross-platform at this time and cannot be opened in other applications. However, these formats are the best for archiving captures.

Tip: It's often useful to save a copy of your image in the SNAGPROJ file format as well as your chosen final file format in case you need to make changes to your image.

For archiving captures, the SNAGPROJ file is the format of choice. It saves your editing history and allows you to make changes to draw tools and other vector objects on the canvas.


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