Capture with OneClick

Access to basic capture options and presets are only a click away with OneClick. Turn OneClick on to pin these options to the top of the screen.

Icon of an arrow with lines indicating clicking action.

Missing the OneClick interface?

OneClick is the docked capture interface from previous versions of Snagit. If you prefer OneClick or a Jing-like workflow over the new capture window, you can easily turn on that interface.


Icon depicting an interface toggle set to on position.

Enable OneClick

From the Snagit Capture Window, select View > Show OneClick. If the main Snagit interface is still open, you can close that now.

Click View menu and select Show OneClick.

Icon of a capture button with a mouse cursor clicking it.

Take a OneClick capture

Hover your cursor over the blue bar on the edge of your screen to expand the OneClick options. Click the red Capture button to initiate an All-in-One capture.

Hover cursor over the OneClick Capture tab.

Icon showing a toggle turned off.

Disable OneClick

To turn off OneClick from the Snagit Capture Window, select View > Hide OneClick. Or, from OneClick, click the Settings icon and change your Capture Preferences.

Click to open View menu and choose Hide OneClick.