Panoramic Capture

Scroll up, down, or side-to-side. You're in control when you take a panoramic scrolling capture.

Panoramic capture icon.

Panoramic capture explained

Panoramic capture is similar to scrolling capture, but instead of capturing an entire web page or scrolling window, you control exactly how much to capture. And, just like automatic scrolling capture, you can scroll any direction.

There are a couple of ways you can initiate a panoramic capture and both are explained below.


Capture button and cursor icon.

Start a panoramic capture from the All-in-One tab

Fom the All-in-One tab, click the Capture button and select the region you want to capture. 

Once you have the region set, click the Panoramic Capture button in the capture toolbar. Now you can skip to Complete the Capture below.


Camera icon.

Start a panoramic capture from the Image tab

Before starting a Panoramic Capture, make sure that the area you want to capture is scrolled to the top or bottom.

Open the Image tab, and from the Selection dropdown choose Panoramic Capture. Then, click Capture and select the region you want to capture by clicking and dragging over the area that you will scroll.


Icon of an image with anchor points at the edges.

Complete the capture

When you have the region selected, click Start, and scroll the area you want to capture. Snagit captures everything that passes through the selected region. 

When you’re done scrolling, click Stop, and Snagit brings the capture into the editor as a single image that you can edit and share.