Quick Style Themes

A key responsibility of content teams is to maintain consistency in style and to champion the brand of an organization. In this tutorial, learn how to create branded sets of quick styles to share with others.

Icon depicting different callouts and annotations.

Maintain a consistent look and feel with themes

Snagit themes makes it easy to create and share a set of custom tool styles, called quick styles, to create consistency in your images. Set the theme colors so that shapes, arrows, and text always match your brand guidelines.

To use Quick Style themes, select a drawing tool in the Snagit editor. Then, look to the properties panel to see the available quick styles. Click the drop down to choose a different theme.



Icon of color swatches.

Create your own theme

Create a theme with your company’s colors to help your team or department stay on brand.

Choose one of the drawing tools, and then click New Theme in the theme dropdown. For Mac users, click the gear icon and then select New Theme.

Name your theme, and then select the colors you want to include. Use the eyedropper to select a color from your computer screen. When you’re done, click Create.


Share icon.

Export a theme for sharing

To export your theme, select the gear icon from the theme dropdown, then select Export. On Mac, the Export option is in the gear menu to the right of the dropdown. Choose a destination for the file, and then click save. 

Quick Style themes save as a .SNAGTHEME. When finished exporting, send the .SNAGTHEME file to your co-workers.

Clicking the Export theme option in Snagit.

Import icon.

Import a theme

To import a Snagit theme, make sure Snagit is open and then double click the .SNAGTHEME file. The theme is added to Snagit. Use it by selecting a drawing tool and then choosing it from the theme menu.

Clicking a theme file to import it.