How to Record Video

Use Snagit for short, simple recordings of your screen. 

Video topics include:

0:10 - How to record video
0:26 - The recorder
1:00 - Sharing capabilities
1:14 - Capture frame images
1:28 - Editing video by sending to Camtasia Studio

Video capture records the action on the screen and audio (from a microphone or system audio) as a MPEG-4 video file. Use Snagit videos to:

  • Walk someone through a process or issue.
  • Record a demonstration or how-to video.
  • Give audio and visual feedback.
  • Record a small portion of a video to playback during a presentation.

Note: Video capture and playback in Snagit Editor requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is included in the Snagit installation process. You can also download it here.

Select the Recording Area

  1. Open or set up what you want to capture.
  2. Click the Video Capture button.
    All-in-One Video Capture button
  3. Click the Capture button.
  4. The orange crosshairs appear. Complete one of the following to select an area to capture:
    • Entire Screen: Drag the cursor until an orange border appears around the entire screen. Dragging the cursor to the top or side of the screen is usually the best way to highlight the entire screen. Click to select the highlighted area.
    • Window: Drag the cursor over the window. When an orange border appears around the window, click to capture.
      Click to select window
    • Region: Click and drag to select the desired area. Use the magnifier for pixel perfect accuracy.
      Click and drag to select region
    • To select a standard video dimension, see Record at Standard Video Dimension below.
  5. After selecting the area, you can:
    • Drag the borders to change the recording area.
    • Click and drag within the recording area to move the position on the screen.

Record at Standard Video Dimensions

If you plan to share your video to a location that requires specific video dimensions, it is recommended to record at these dimensions or at the same aspect ratio as the recommended dimensions.

Snagit's video guides show standard or recommended dimensions for common video sharing destinations such as YouTube, websites, and mobile devices.

Snagit has video guides that show the standard or recommended dimensions for common video sharing destinations such as YouTube, the web, and mobile devices.

  1. When selecting an area to record, press G to toggle the video guides on or off.
    • Hold CTRL to lock the selection to a 4:3 aspect ratio.
    • Hold SHIFT to lock the selection to a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  2. Click and drag to select the recording area. As you drag your cursor near one of the standard dimensions, the guide dimly appears.
  3. Continue to drag the cursor until the border highlights to match the guide.
    Drag to match video guides

Set Up the Audio for a Recording

After selecting the area to record, the Video Recording toolbar appears under the selected area. You can select to record microphone audio or system audio with a video recording.

Record Microphone Audio

Snagit can record audio from your computer's microphone or a USB microphone.

  1. On the Video Recording toolbar, click the Microphone Audio button. Microphone audio recording is enabled when the button is green.
    Microphone audio button
  2. Select an audio device from the microphone dropdown.
    Audio input source dropdown
  3. To make sure the selected device is on and connected properly, speak as you would during recording. The audio meter (the bar to the right of the microphone button) should move as you speak.
    • The list of available recording devices is generated from the recording devices in the Windows Control Panel > Sound dialog. To troubleshoot a recording device issue, check the input levels there.

Record System Audio

System audio is the sound from your computer such as mouse clicks, application alerts, audio playing from your speakers, etc.

Note: Snagit does not support recording system audio on Microsoft® Windows XP or Windows Vista.

To record system audio, click the System Audio button on the Video Recording toolbar. System audio recording is enabled when the button is green.
System audio button

Start, Pause, or Stop the Recording:

  • Start
    Click the Record button or press SHIFT+F9. The recording countdown starts.
  • Pause
    Click the Pause button or press SHIFT+F9. Click this button again to resume the recording.
  • Stop
    Click the Stop button or press SHIFT+F10.

The video is recorded as a MPEG-4 and is saved in the AutoSave folder. You can preview and share the video within Snagit Editor. To edit the video, import the video capture into Camtasia Studio.

Download MP4 | 6.34MB

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