Smart Move and Replace Text

Expedite the editing process with Smart Move. Instantly turn flat buttons and text into editable objects.

Icon of a simple image.

Normal screen captures are flat

When you take a screen capture, Snagit brings the selection into the editor as a flat image. That means that when you hover a cursor over the image there’s no indication that you can select anything.

A normal screenshot that is flattened.

Icon depicting a toggle menu item being turned on.

Turn on Smart Move

Go to the Move tool in the editing toolbar and turn on Smart Move. Snagit analyzes the image and identifies editable objects. A blue animation outlines objects on your image as the process finishes. Now, when you hover over the image, many different objects can be selected.

Clicking the Smart Move toggle in Snagit Editor.

Icon depicting a slider and a cursor.

Control the process with the slider

If the results don’t meet your expectations or needs, this slider in the tool properties can change how Snagit analyzes the image. To identify more specific objects and group fewer things together, move the slider to the right. 

To group more objects together--for example, if Snagit is identifying letters as objects and you want to identify words or lines of text--then, move the slider to the left and that makes the objects less defined.

Arrow callout identifying the Detail slider for Smart Move.

Icon depicting anchor points of a selected object.

Edit objects

As you hover over the image, editable objects display anchor points. Click on an object to move, resize, or delete it. 

When you move or delete an object, the background is automatically-filled to match the surrounding background using the same auto-fill technology as the Selection tool.

Selecting an moveable object with Smart Move turned on.

Glasses icon.

How to deal with distortion

As you move objects, you may see some distortion--especially with text. This is probably a previewing error, not actual distortion. If it happens, make sure you’re viewing your image at it’s actual size, or at 100%, and that should resolve the issue.

Using the preview controls to adjust the size at which an image is displayed on the canvas.

Icon of a capital 'A'.

Replace text

One last thing. If you see the text editing cursor above your object, then Snagit identified this object as editable text. Click to switch to the text tool and replace and style the text.

Changing text made edit-able by Smart Move.