The Many Ways People Use Snagit

There might be a million ways people use Snagit to save time, communicate better, and create content. Here are several ideas to get you started thinking about how you use might use Snagit.

1: Gather Inspiration for a Project

Robin Miner-Swartz is the Director of Communications at Capital Region Community Foundation. She uses Snagit to collect snapshots from other non-profits’ annual reports to fuel her own creativity. Snagit also gives her message more visibility on social media sites like Facebook. Watch her in action in the video below.

2: Show the IT Department or Technical Support Exactly What’s Happening on Your Computer

Bypass the “Yes, I tried rebooting...” conversation and go straight to showing them the actual error dialog in the context of your workspace. They will love it, and so will you.
sample error message

Capture an Image (Windows | Mac)

3: Create Handout Graphics from a Video Capture

Quickly capture a series of still images from a video capture to use as graphics in a handout. Drag the images from Snagit directly into the handout or use a sharing output, such as the Microsoft Word output, to insert the images into your handout.

Handout example

Create Handout Graphics from a Video Capture (Windows | Mac)

4: Organize Your Taxes

Do you make a lot of online charitable donations? Do you receive financial statements digitally? As they come in, capture the receipt or statement and tag them with “deduction," “interest," etc. When you’re ready to do your taxes, these are all just a click away in the Search Pane.

tax recipts in Snagit

The Library and Organizing Your Captures (Windows)

5: Create Several Thumbnail Images for a Blog or Webpage

Take those wedding/vacation/newborn photos from your digital camera and run them through Snagit’s Convert Image feature. Scale them down to about 125 pixels wide and apply a bevel effect to make the thumbnails look more like a clickable button. Snagit can automatically apply a “thumb” prefix to the file name. This way, in seconds you have a folder full of your original images with easy-to-find corresponding thumbnails.

Batch Convert Images (Windows)

thumbnail with beveled edge

6: Provide Better Driving Directions

Dave McCollom is TechSmith's Education Evangelist. He's also a big fan of using Snagit with online maps. For example, he has a problem where Google Maps gives incorrect directions to his house. In the video below, he shows how he fixes, enhances, and reuses maps annotated in Snagit.

7: Hide Sensitive Information

It’s easy to make sure your images don’t contain personal information such as a username, email, financial information, etc. For example, maybe you’re showing someone how to fill out a particular online form from the human resources department.

private information hidden

Maintain Privacy in Your Captures (Windows | Mac)

8: When Soliciting Feedback, Include a Video so Reviewers Know Exactly What You’re Looking For

Ever send out a request for a review and receive everything from nit-picky word changes to high level organizational suggestions? A video can really focus your reviewer’s efforts. You can direct them to parts of your work you are especially unsure about and explain what you've already tried and what you're trying to achieve. 

Watch a video (0:30) requesting feedback in the construction of this page.

Record a Video (Windows | Mac)

Share to (Windows | Mac)

9: Make Infographics for Your Newsletter

Drag multiple images from the tray to form one large graphic.

infographic section

10: Make Your Coworkers Laugh

Capture the latest internet meme or make your own using Snagit. Paste the link in an instant message or chat room. (Of course, this never happens at TechSmith…)

Internet MEME example

Share to (Windows | Mac)

11: Quickly Create How-To Documents for Colleagues or the World

Mike Curtis is a User Assistance specialist at TechSmith. In the video below he shares some tips and shows what might be the fastest way to create a polished deliverable.
(0:50) Initiate capture with hotkey, and use arrow keys for precise capturing
(2:00) Work with canvas and callouts in the Editor 
(2:25) Add customized shape/callout to Quick Styles
(3:20) Capture drop down menu with hotkey
(4:02) Trim unused canvas automatically
(4:15) Add frequently used tools and features to Quick Access Toolbar
(4:35) Send image to Microsoft Word

12: Grab Important Screens from Webinars

Capture key moments from a webinar so you can reference them later or share them with colleagues. Drop them into Microsoft PowerPoint if you need to give an update to a wider group. You can also apply a time stamp if the webinar was recorded so you can quickly find the referenced part later.

sample webinar screenshot

Capture an Image (Windows | Mac)

13: Include Links to Videos in Message Boards and Forums so Communities Can Respond to Your Question More Accurately

While many forums and message boards allow the uploading or attachment of images, few allow you to include a video file. Use Snagit to record your question or feedback and then upload it to Put the link in your post and when people click the link, they see your video and can respond more accurately.

link in post

Record a Video (Windows | Mac)

Share to (Windows | Mac)

14: Find and Buy a House with Snagit

Well, you will also need finances, but when comparing houses, take advantage of the keyword feature. For example, use a keyword for each house you’re considering. Annotate the images with what you like or don’t like about a particular part of the house or neighborhood. Later, you can go into Snagit and pull up all related images for a particular house. Compare kitchens, maps, yards, and so on. Remember—Snagit also works with images from your digital camera or smart phone.



The Library and Organizing Your Captures (Windows)

15: Provide Feedback or Grade Assignments

Take an image capture of an electronic assignment. Add extra space to the capture to allow you to make notes in the margins. Mark up an assignment using Snagit's drawing and annotation tools. Share the graded assignment on and use the commenting feature to continue the dialog or to allow others to provide feedback. (Narrated videos also work great for this.)

feedback example

Use Snagit for Feedback or Grading (Windows | Mac)

16: Conduct Research

Snagit is a great tool for capturing online resources for your research project. Capture anything on the screen including online articles, entire web pages, segments of a resource, images, and videos. Highlight and take notes within the captured resource. Snagit for Windows even remembers the URL to where you made the capture. Document the bibliography information directly in your captures. In Snagit on Windows, add keywords to find resources related to a specific topic within your archived captures.

Use Snagit for Conducting Research (Windows | Mac)

17: Create Interface Mockups

Looking to create a visual of your design ideas to get feedback? Create an interface mockup in Snagit for a mobile device, website, application, and more. Snagit offers iOS, OSX, and Windows interface stamps that allow you to quickly add standard controls to your mockups.

Mobile mockup example

Create a Mockup (Mac)

18: Watermark an Image

Add a watermark to identify images and discourage unauthorized use online. Overlay text, a logo, or copyright information as a watermark over an image capture.

Watermark example

Watermark an Image (Mac)

19: Capture the Entire Contents of a System Folder

Use Scrolling Capture to grab a Windows Explorer or Finder (Mac) window. This is a fast way to ask people what files are okay to delete, which files they want transferred to a new computer, or capturing files sorted by date or size. 

system folder

Capture an Image (Windows | Mac)

20: Copy Formatted Text Out of a Browser or Dialog Message

Snagit for Windows can capture formatted (RTF) text out of a browser, form, or dialog. This is great for editing copy from a site, repurposing it for other mediums, or capturing long dialogs for technical support.

sample text capture

Take a Text Capture (Windows)

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