Captioning and Audio Search

The Caption Editor page allows presenters and global caption editors to review and edit captions that were created automatically by TechSmith Relay. When a presentation is held for caption editing, you will see a notification on your dashboard:

Prsentation held for captioning

All processing and publishing is paused until the presenter or a global caption editor releases the presentation to complete processing and publishing. The editing of captions is done within the TechSmith Relay Caption Editor:

The TechSmith Relay caption editor.

Once a presentation is open on the Caption Editor page, use the following process for editing captions and submitting the presentation for final processing and publishing.

  1. In the Edit Captions view, use the video controls to review the automatic captions.

    Caption editor playback controls
  2. Edit existing captions by clicking inside a caption and editing the text.

    Click on a caption to edit the caption text.
  3. Add Click to add a new caption., delete Click to delete the currently selected caption., and split Click to split a caption. captions as needed.

  4. To save your work, click Save.

    TechSmith Relay automatically saves changes to the presentation captions in one-minute intervals.

  5. When the captions are complete, click the Preview and Submit tab.

    Click to access the preview and submit view of the caption editor.
  6. Review the presentation and make any final adjustments to the text or timing of the captions.

    In the preview and submit view, make only minor tweaks to the captions.
  7. When you are satisfied with the captions, click Publish.

    The presentation continues processing and publishing. Depending on your profile settings, you may receive a notification when your presentation is ready to share.

Caption Editing Tips

Here are some tips to help you when editing captions.

  • To stop at the end of each caption, disable the Continuous Playback button The continuous playback button keeps the presentation playing through all the captions. Disable to have playback stop after each caption..

  • While working in a caption, click Replay to repeat the text of the selected caption once. Repeatedly click the Replay button until you are able to transcribe the entire caption.

    Click to replay the audio for the current caption.
  • The number in the lower right of a caption shows the remaining characters available to keep the captions in compliance with guidelines. If a caption is too long, it turns yellow and shows a negative number of characters available.

    If a caption is too long, the caption turns yellow and shows that there is a negative number of characters left.
  • Click Split Click Split to separate a caption into two separate a caption into two smaller captions.

    A yellow caption that is too long is split into two captions and no longer exceeds the limit of characters.
  • Use the standard keyboard shortcuts for Undo (<CTRL+Z>, Command-Z) and Redo (<CTRL+Y>, Command-Y) to undo or redo your actions in the caption editor.

Audio Search

It is possible for a profile to have audio search only applied to submitted presentations, with no closed captions.

Audio Search only selected on the profile description

This means that viewers will be able to search the video's auto-detected narration. Presentations with only audio search enabled are not held for approval.

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