Blackboard Integration: Adding Media to Your Course


Once your administrator has set up your Blackboard and TechSmith Relay integration, you can share media from TechSmith Relay to Blackboard. Learn how to add TechSmith Relay media to your course and how to report quiz results to your Blackboard Results Center.

Add TechSmith Relay Media to Your Blackboard Course

  1. Select the course you'd like to add media to.
    Blackboard interface selecting from a list of courses
  2. From the course home page, click Content.
    Blackboard interface selecting Content from the control panel
  3. Select TechSmith Relay from one of the Content dropdown menus. For this example, "TSCU TechSmith Relay" is shown in the Tools dropdown, but the name of the menu item and where you find it in the Content section are both determined by your administrator, so some variance is likely. Contact your Blackboard Administrator if you have trouble selecting the correct option in this step.
    Tools dropdown and TSCU TechSmith Relay highlighted
  4. Name your assignment.
    Blackboard assignment details with Name field highlighted
  5. If you'd like TechSmith Relay quiz results to be sent back to the Blackboard Results Center, scroll down to the evaluation section and select Yes for Enable Evaluation and set the number of Points Possible.

    - If there are quiz questions attached to the media, points will be awarded based on the number of correct answers.
    - If there are no quiz questions attached, points will be awarded based on the percentage of video watched.
    Enable Evaluation and Points Possible fields
  6. When you’re done editing the assignment details, click Submit.
    Blackboard assignment with Submit button highlighted
  7. Submitting the assignment should return you to your course Content. Click on your assignment to open it.
    Blackboard Content list with latest assignment highlighted
  8. Opening your assignment will display your TechSmith Relay library. Click the Add Media button next to the video you'd like to use for this assignment. You can use Search to look for other media within your TechSmith Relay website, or use the Link Media feature to add a video from YouTube.
    View of TechSmith Relay media library in Blackboard

When students open the assignment they will be able to view the media and complete any quizzes. Once an assignment has been completed, allow up to an hour for complete and accurate data to be synchronized between TechSmith Relay and your course grade book. Visit the video page for detailed analytics and quiz results.

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