Adding Media to Your Library


So, you’ve logged in to TechSmith Relay for the first time and your media library is empty. Let’s do something about that! This tutorial will show you several options for adding media to your library.

To Add Media

First, log in to your TechSmith Relay website.
Empty media library on Relay website
From your TechSmith Relay website, go to My Library and click Create. This menu displays your options for adding media to your library.

Screenshot of the Create drop-down menu and options in TechSmith Relay
Here’s a detailed explanation of each of these options:

New Folder

As you build a library of videos, folders will help keep your content organized.

Screenshot of the Create New Folder modal window in TechSmith Relay

For more help with folders, see this tutorial: Organizing Your Video Library

Upload Media

If you have existing media on your computer or a portable drive, you can upload those files directly to your TechSmith Relay library. See Media Requirements

Screenshot of the Upload Media modal window in TechSmith Relay

For more help with uploading media, including uploading from the TechSmith Relay Desktop Recorder, see this tutorial: Uploading Existing Media

Import from YouTube

Paste a YouTube link into the URL field and click Submit to add the video.

Import from YouTube dialog
Once it finishes processing, you’ll be able to see it in your library.

Tip: Only YouTube videos that are Public or Unlisted can be added to TechSmith Relay. If you try to add a video from YouTube that the owner has made private, you’ll receive an error.

Launch Desktop Recorder

This time-saving menu item will launch TechSmith Relay Recorder if you have it already installed on your computer. With TechSmith Relay Recorder open, you can record new presentations or upload existing videos and images from your computer.
Launching the Recorder dialog
If, after seeing this message, the recorder does not launch, check to see if it’s installed on your computer. If it’s not, use the link in the message to download and install it.

Need help downloading and installing the recorder? Click here.

Connect to Fuse

TechSmith Fuse is a mobile app that will help you get images and recordings off your mobile device and into your library. You can download it for free from the App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Store. The QR code pictured in the dialog below is used to connect your mobile device to TechSmith Relay.
Connect to Fuse QR code
To learn more about how to connect your mobile device to Fuse, watch this video tutorial: Recording On-the-Go with TechSmith Fuse

Download Recorders

From this page, you’ll find all of the recorders your administrator has made available for download. With these recorders, you’ll be able to create new recordings and submit them to your TechSmith Relay library, as well as upload existing content.
Screenshot of Download Recorders page on Relay website

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