Blackboard Integration (Admin)


If your organization uses Blackboard as your LMS, you can add media to courses without ever signing in to TechSmith Relay. This tutorial explains how an administrator can install and configure the TechSmith Relay building block for Blackboard.

Why install the building block?

While it’s possible to share media with students using embed code or URLs, the TechSmith Relay building block provides the following benefits:

  • Viewers do not need to manage separate TechSmith Relay and Blackboard accounts to view TechSmith Relay media. Instead, they are authorized when they use their Blackboard credentials.
  • The content is delivered in Blackboard, a system already familiar to viewers.
  • Quizzes added to media in TechSmith Relay can be automatically graded and entered into the Blackboard Grade Center.

Before you get started

To complete the installation and integration, you will need to access both the TechSmith Relay Site Administration controls and the administration panel of Blackboard. In many organizations, the TechSmith Relay administrator and Blackboard administrator are the same person. If this is not the case, some external coordination may be necessary to gain access to both sites.  

Setting up an LTI integration in the TechSmith Relay Site Administration panel

  1. Log into your TechSmith Relay website as a site administrator.
  2. Access the Site Admin tab in TechSmith Relay.
    Site admin tab
  3. Under Settings, locate the LTI Integrations section. All existing LTI integrations are listed here. To start, you’ll have none. Click Add a new integration.
    Add New Integration
  4. Select Blackboard from the dropdown, and click Create.
    Create new
  5. The Integration Details are displayed. These fields will need to be copied and pasted into Blackboard later.
    Note: The Key and Secret are randomly generated and unique to your TechSmith Relay website. You may use these values for multiple Blackboard instances, such as testing and production environments.
    Blackboard Integration Details

The next section will cover how to execute the integration in the Blackboard administration panel. However, if you need to open the Integration Details at a later time, click the icon next to the integration name.
LTI view icon

Downloading the TechSmith Relay building block

The TechSmith Relay building block is a free plug-in for Blackboard Learn users. After installing, Blackboard administrators can expose TechSmith Relay to course instructors. 

CLICK HERE to download the building block from the Blackboard Extensions website

About the building block file

Blackboard building blocks are .war files. This package will be uploaded to your Blackboard server during the installation steps that follow.
Building block war file in Windows file explorer
For more help with installing and managing building blocks, see this Blackboard article.


Installing the TechSmith Relay building block in Blackboard

  1. Log in to Blackboard as an administrator.
  2. Click the System Admin tab.
    Screenshot of Blackboard controls with System admin highlighted
  3. Under the Building Blocks section, click Building Blocks.
    Screenshot of Blackboard System Admin section, with the Building Blocks option highlighted
  4. Click Installed Tools.
    Blackboard Building Blocks section with Installed Tools option highlighted
  5. Select Upload Building Blocks.
    Screenshot of Installed Tools in Blackboard with the Upload Building Blocks option highlighted
  6. Click Browse. Then select the TechSmith Relay .war file you downloaded earlier.
    Installed Building Blocks option with the Browse button highlighted
  7. After selecting the .war file to upload, click Submit.
    Screenshot of Upload Building Blocks with the TechSmith Relay building block selected
  8. Review the Privileges (no changes should be necessary) and click Approve.
  9. Important: Allow the installation progress to reach 100% before continuing.
    Screenshot of the installation progress bar
  10. Once the installation progress reaches 100%, click Return.
    Screenshot of the installation progress with the bar reaching 100%

    Installation of the TechSmith Relay building block should now be complete. Next, you will configure and expose the building block for your instructors.


Configuring and exposing the TechSmith Relay building block

  1. Locate TechSmith Relay in the list of installed building blocks. Then, in the fly-out menu, click Settings.
    Screenshot of the TechSmith Relay options menu in Blackboard, with the Settings option highlighted
  2. Click Edit System Settings.
    Screenshot of Installed Tools configuration menu, with Edit System Settings highlighted
  3. In the Name and Description fields, enter text that will help your instructors identify the tool. (Suggestion: Use "TechSmith Relay" as the name.)
    Screenshot of the System Setting for the TechSmith Relay tool in Blackboard
  4. In the Connection Details section, paste the Launch URL, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret values from TechSmith Relay into the appropriate fields.
    Screenshot of the Connection Details section of the tool settings, with the note: Paste these values from the Site Admin Settings in TechSmith Relay
  5. Under Placement, select the content menu location where you'd like to expose the TechSmith Relay plugin. This is the menu your instructors will access to add TechSmith Relay content to their courses. Options include the Tools menu, the Assessments menu, and three sub-areas in the Content menu.
    Screenshot of the Placement options for the TechSmith Relay building block

    Optional: You may also choose to make TechSmith Relay available as a Course Tool or a Mashup (this is the Mashup found in the Rich Content Editor). For either of these options, check the appropriate box.
    Screenshot of the Placement options for the TechSmith Relay tools, with the Course Tool and Mashups option highlighted
  6. Review the Course Role Mappings (no changes should be necessary).
    Screenshot of the Course Role Mappings for the TechSmith Relay building block
  7. Click Submit to confirm the building block settings.
    Screenshot of the submit button, highlighted

    The TechSmith Relay building block should now be properly configured. Next, you'll need to check access to the tool.


​Granting access to the TechSmith Relay building block

Depending on your tool accessibility settings, it may be necessary to adjust the availability for TechSmith Relay. These settings can be found under System Admin > Tools and Utilities > Tools.

Screenshot of the Blackboard System Admin section, with the Tools and Utilities component highlighted

Scroll down to find TechSmith Relay in your list of tools and ensure that the tool you installed is available to users:

Screenshot of Tool availability settings in Blackboard

If you make changes to the availability, click Submit to save those changes.

Screenshot of the Submit button in Blackboard


Your installation and configuration of the TechSmith Relay building block should now be complete. Please follow the steps for Adding Media to Your Blackboard Course to test your integration.


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