Blackboard Integration (Admin)


If your organization uses Blackboard as your LMS, you can add media to courses without ever signing in to TechSmith Relay. This tutorial explains how an administrator can set up the Blackboard and TechSmith Relay integration using the Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) protocol.

If your organization uses Blackboard for content delivery, you may be able to use learning tool interoperability (LTI) protocol to integrate with TechSmith Relay.

Why use LTI?

While it’s possible to share media with students using embed code or URLs, LTI integration provides the following benefits:

  • Viewers do not need to manage separate TechSmith Relay and Blackboard accounts to view TechSmith Relay media. Instead, they are authorized when they use their Blackboard credentials.
  • The content is delivered in Blackboard, a system already familiar to viewers.
  • Quizzes added to media in TechSmith Relay can be automatically graded and entered into the Blackboard gradebook.

Before you get started: To complete the LTI integration, you will need to access both the TechSmith Relay Site Administration panel and the administration panel of Blackboard. In many organizations, the TechSmith Relay administrator and Blackboard administrator are the same person. If this is not the case, some external coordination may be necessary to gain access to both.  

Setting up an LTI integration in the TechSmith Relay Site Administration panel

  1. Log into your TechSmith Relay website as a site administrator.
  2. Access the Site Administration tab in TechSmith Relay.
    Site admin tab
  3. Under Settings, locate the LTI Integrations section. All existing LTI integrations are listed here. To start, you’ll have none. Click to add a new integration.
    Add New Integration
  4. Select Blackboard from the dropdown, and click Create.
    Create new
  5. The Integration Details are displayed. These fields will need to be copied and pasted into Blackboard later.
    Blackboard Integration Details

Note: The Key and Secret are randomly generated, and are unique to not only your TechSmith Relay instance, but also to this particular LTI integration. The Launch URL will be the same for every integration. 

The next section will cover how to execute the integration in the Blackboard administration panel. However, if you need to open the Integration Details at a later time, click the icon next to the integration name.
LTI view icon

Creating the LTI integration in Blackboard

Please Note: This process may vary, depending on your version of Blackboard.

  1. Log in to Blackboard as an administrator.
  2. Click the System Admin tab.
    System Admin tab
  3. Under the Building Blocks section, click Building Blocks.
    Building Blocks
  4. Click LTI Tool Providers.
    LTI Tool Providers
  5. Next, select Register Provider Domain.
    Register Provider Domain
  6. Enter the Provider Domain (e.g.
    Provider Domain field
  7. For Default Configuration, select Set Globally and enter the Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret from TechSmith Relay.
    Default Configuration
  8. In the Organization Policies section, make sure that Send User Data is not set to Never. In User Fields to Send, Consituency in Course and Email Address must both be checked. It is not required that you Show User Acknowledment for the LTI integration to work (option not displayed below).
    Organization Policies
  9. Click Submit and you’ll be redirected to the LTI Tool Providers menu.

Creating a Placement for your LTI integration in Blackboard

Once the LTI integration has been completed, you need to decide which Blackboard menu(s) it will appear in by adding a Placement. LTI tools can be placed in the Tools, Assessments, Mashups, or Create menus, and you can add multiple placements to a single LTI integration.

  1. Mouse over the LTI integration you added, click the circular, grey options button and select Manage Placements.
  2. Click Create Placement.
    Create Placement
  3. In the Create Placement dialog, give your LTI integration a Label and Handle.
    Label and handle fields
  4. Set Type to Content Type, and in the Content Type dropdown, select which menu you would like the LTI tool to appear in. If you would like TechSmith Relay to be able to enter quiz grades into the gradebook, check the box labeled “Placement allows evaluation”.
    Content Type
  5. Next, enter the Launch URL. The Key and Secret fields should already be populated.
    Tool Provider Information, Launch URL
  6. Finally, click Submit.

Your TechSmith Relay integration should now be complete.

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