Adding Media to Your Canvas Course


If your administrator has set up the Canvas LMS integration, you can add media to your course without logging in to TechSmith Relay. Follow the tutorial below to learn how it's done.

Once a Canvas Administrator has set up the TechSmith Relay LTI integration, instructors can add content from their TechSmith Relay library to a course without leaving the Canvas LMS. This guide explains two methods for adding TechSmith Relay media to a Canvas course using LTI integration.

Before you get started: Log in to Canvas and navigate to the course where you'd like to add TechSmith Relay media.

Add TechSmith Relay Media as an External Tool with Gradebook Integration

Use this method of adding media to your course if you would like to have TechSmith Relay quiz grades entered into the Canvas gradebook.

  1. Click Assignments in the course navigation menu on the left.
    Canvas navigation bar, clicking Assignments option
  2. Click the button to add an assignment.
    Clicking the add assignment button
  3. On the assignment creation page, fill in the Assignment Name and Description fields. If you would like to have TechSmith Relay enter quiz results into the gradebook, set a point value for the assignment.
    Assignment info fields of Name, Description, and Points identified by rectangular outline

    What grade data will be reported?
    - If there are TechSmith Relay quiz questions in the video, points will be awarded based on the percentage of correct answers.
    - If there are no quiz questions, points will be awarded based on the percentage of the video watched. Example: A student watches 80% of the TechSmith Relay video. TechSmith Relay reports a score of 8/10 to the course gradebook.
    - If you select an entire folder of media, no grade data will be reported.
    - Any score automatically reported by TechSmith Relay can later be manually overwitten in the course gradebook.
  4. For the Submission Type, select External Tool from the dropdown and then click the External Tool URL field.
    External tool selected in Submission Type, cursor clicking the External Tool URL field.
  5. Choose TechSmith Relay from the menu (name may vary), and click Select. The URL will automatically populate.
    Selecting TechSmith Relay from the configure external tool dialog.
  6. Click Save.
    Clicking save to update assignment settings
  7. Your TechSmith Relay library should open, displaying all available media.

    Option A: Add an individual video by clicking the Add Media button.
    Click add media in library

    Option B: Add an entire folder of media (including any subfolders) by clicking the Add Folder button.
    Screenshot of the TechSmith Relay library folder view, with the Add Folder button highlighted

    Note: No grade data will be reported to the Canvas gradebook if an entire media of folder is selected. For more information on adding folders to your course, including frequently asked questions, see this support article.
  8. Your media should now be added to your course assignment. When students open the assignment they will be able to view the media and complete any quizzes.
    Student view of a TechSmith Relay video, with quiz question displayed

    Once an assignment has been completed, allow up to one hour and fifteen minutes for complete and accurate data to be synchronized between TechSmith Relay and your course gradebook.


Add TechSmith Media Directly Using the Rich Text Editor Button (No Gradebook Integration)

The Rich Text Editor button is a great way to quickly add TechSmith Relay media to items in your course. It is most useful when used with a course Announcement or Page. While TechSmith Relay will still collect viewing analytics and quiz results, this method does not send either to the course gradebook

  1. Create or open the Announcement, Page, or another course item you would like to add TechSmith Relay media to.
    Clicking add new announcement button
  2. Click the TechSmith Relay button in the tools menu of the Rich Text Editor to open your TechSmith Relay library.
    Highlight of TechSmith Relay button in the Rich Text Editor menu

    Tip: If your school has several LTI integrations, TechSmith Relay may be found under the More Tools option:
    Screenshot of the Canvas Rich Content Editor with the More Tools option highlighted
  3. Option A: Add an individual video by clicking the Add Media button.
    Clicking add media in TechSmith Relay library view

    Option B: Add an entire folder of media (including any subfolders) by clicking the Add Folder button.
    Screenshot of TechSmith Relay library folder view, with Add Folder button highlighted
  4. Your media will be embedded into the body of the Page or Announcement. While editing, the media is represented by a grey box. Click Save to finish editing.
    Canvas editor embedded video placeholder
  5. When students visit the Page or Announcement, they will see the embedded video with a play button.
    Canvas embedded video preview

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