Generating Captions With TechSmith Relay


TechSmith Relay’s built in Caption Editor allows you to add closed captions to your videos.

Note: Captions cannot be added to YouTube videos that have been imported to your library.

To get started, navigate to the view page of the video that needs captions and click the Closed Captioning tab. 

TechSmith Relay closed captioning tab on a video view page.
When a video does not contain captions, TechSmith Relay offers you two ways of getting started: Add Captions Manually or Generate Captions. If you choose to Add Captions Manually, you will be taken straight to the editor where you can start adding and editing captions or import a caption file. 

Cloed captioning tab open displaying Generate Captions and Edit Captions Manually buttons.
The Generate Captions option offers another workflow that can be helpful and add convenience to the caption creation process. After you click Generate Captions, TechSmith Relay will process the audio in your video and use that to create captions. Normally, the transcription process takes about half the duration of your video. When your captions are ready, you will receive an email. Click the button to go to your video in the Caption Editor. If you don’t see the email, you may need to check your spam folder.

Email notification that is sent when TechSmith Relay has finished generating captions.
Generated captions, like the ones shown below in the Caption Editor, are not added to your video until you click Publish. This is to allow you to fix errors and incorrect lines in the transcription. When you’re ready to start editing, check out our video on Editing Captions.

Caption editor with cpations that have been generated by TechSmith Relay and are awaiting editing



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