Brightspace Integration (Admin)


If your organization uses the Brightspace LMS, instructors can add TechSmith Relay media to any content item. This tutorial explains how a site administrator can set up the integration between Brightspace and TechSmith Relay using a Brightspace Quicklink (CIM).

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through integrating TechSmith Relay with Brightspace, a learning management system made by D2L. The integration uses the LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard, exposed via a Brightspace Quicklink (CIM).

Why Integrate through LTI?

While it’s possible to share media with students using embed code or direct URLs, an LTI integration provides the following benefits:

  • Viewers do not need to manage separate accounts to display TechSmith Relay media in an LMS. Instead, they are authorized via their LMS credentials.
  • The content is delivered within a system (an existing LMS) already familiar to viewers.   
  • Quizzes added to media in TechSmith Relay can be automatically graded and entered into the Brightspace gradebook.

Before you get started: In order to set up the LTI integration, you'll need administration rights for both your TechSmith Relay website and your LMS. This may require coordinating with someone else in your organization if you're not an admin of both services.

Process Overview

Successfully integrating TechSmith Relay with Brightspace is a multi-step process:

  1. Create the LTI integration in TechSmith Relay. (TechSmiith Relay Site Admin)
  2. Enable the Content Item Messaging (CIM) org variable in Brightspace. (Brightspace Administrator - requires Brightspace version 10.6.5 or later)
  3. Create a new Remote Plugin via Quicklink (CIM) in Brightspace. (Brightspace Administrator)
  4. Adjust the security settings for the LTI Tool Provider. (Brightspace Administrator)
  5. Test the integration.

Read on for full instructions.


Create an LTI Integration in the TechSmith Relay Site Admin Dashboard

  1. Log in to TechSmith Relay as an administrator and go to the Site Admin tab.
    Clicking site admin tab

  2. Select the Settings tab and scroll down to locate the LTI Integrations section.
    Arrow pointing to Settings tab and LTI Integrations section outlined by a rectangle

  3. Click Add new integration.
    Clicking add new integration

  4. Select Other from the LMS options in the dropdown. Then enter "Brightspace" in the text field and click Create.
    Add new integration modal dialog with mouse over Create button

  5. The Integration Details are displayed. These fields will need to be copied and pasted into Brightspace later in this tutorial.
    Note: The Key and Secret are randomly generated and unique to your TechSmith Relay website. You may use these values for multiple Brightspace instances, such as testing and production environments.
    Brightspace integration details to be entered into the LMS


Enable the Content Item Messaging (CIM) Org Variable in Brightspace

  1. Using an account with admin credentials, log into your Brightspace instance.
  2. From the Admin Tools section, select Config Variable Browser.
    Brightspace Admin Tools menu with the Config Variable Browser option highlighted
  3. In the Config Variable Browser, locate the "d2l.Tools.Lti.ContentItemMessaging.IsEnabled" org variable. Click the variable name to open the variable settings. (For more information on this particular variable - including when it was introduced - see this Brightspace support article.) 
    Brightspace Config Variable Browser, with the d2l.Tools.Lti.ContentItemMessaging.IsEnabled variable highlighted

    Tip: Use the search box to search for the term "contentitemmessaging", then select the variable from the search results.
  4. Set the variable Org Value to On, and then click Save.
    Variable options screen, with the Org Value set to On


(Optional) Set the 'Auto LTI Grade Item' Variable

When an instructor adds a TechSmith Relay video to their course using the LTI integration, they can choose whether or not to associate that content with a Brightspace grade item. If they associate the video with a grade item, TechSmith Relay will report viewer data and the grade item will be scored automatically. However, if an instructor opts against associating the video with a grade item, one of two scenarios will play out, depending on how the admininstrator has set the following Brightspace variable:

Screenshot of the AllowAutoLtiGradeItem variable in Brightspace

  • This variable ON - a grade item for each video will be automatically created in the Brightspace gradebook, and scores will be reported based on TechSmith Relay viewer data.
  • This variable OFF - no grade items will be automatically created in the Brightspace gradebook.

Ultimately, it's up to you to determine which setting is best for your organization. Other things to note:

  • Viewer data is always available within TechSmith Relay, no matter how this variable is set.
  • Any automatically created gradebook items (above variable is ON) can be edited after they are created. For example, instructors can change the points possible, grade category, grade visibility, etc.  



Create a New Remote Plugin in Brightspace

  1. From the Brightspace Admin Tools section, select Remote Plugins.
    Brightspace Admin Tools menu, expanded with the Remote Plugins option highlighted
  2. Select New Remote Plugin.
    Manage Remote Plugins page, with New Remote Plugin button highlighted
  3. From the Plugin Type dropdown menu, select Quicklink (CIM).
    Brightspace New Remote Plugin screen, with the Plugin Type dropdown menu expanded, and the Quicklink (CIM) option highlighted

    Note: You must select "Quicklink (CIM)". Selecting a standard Quicklink will cause the integration to fail. If you do not see the Quicklink (CIM) option in the dropdown, please see the steps above for enabling the Content Item Messaging variable.
  4. For this step, you'll need the unique values generated when the LTI integration was created in TechSmith Relay (see above).
    • ​​(A) Name - Give your Quicklink a name (we strongly recommend "TechSmith Relay"). This name will be visible to your Brightspace users.
    • (B) Launch Point URL - Paste the unique Launch URL from TechSmith Relay.
    • (C) LTI Key - Paste the unique Consumer Key from TechSmith Relay.
    • (D) LTI Secret - Paste the unique Consumer Secret from TechSmith Relay.
      Remote Plugin valus screen with Name, Launch Point URL, LTI Key, and LTI Secret fields highlighted
  5. Under "Make available to:", click Add Org Units.
    Screenshot of the Add Org Units button, highlighted by an arrow
  6. Locate and select the org unit in which you'd like to make the TechSmith Relay Quicklink (CIM) available. Important: Select the "All descendants" option (A) for that particular org unit. Then, click Insert (B) to confirm.
    Add Org Units modal window, with All Descendants and the Insert button highlighted
  7. Back on the New Remote Plugin screen, click Save.
    Create Remote Plugin screenshot with the Save button highlighted
  8. Your newly-created Quicklink (CIM) should now be displayed in the list of existing Remote Plugins.
    Manage Remote Plugins screen, with TechSmith Relay remote plugin highlighted


Adjust the Security Settings for the LTI Tool Provider

  1. From the Brightspace Admin Tools menu, select External Learning Tools.
    Brightspace system admin tools menu open, with External Learning Tools option highlighted
  2. Under the Manage Tool Providers tab (A), locate your TechSmith Relay tool, and choose Edit Tool Provider (B).
    Brightspace Manage Tool Providers tab (A), with the Edit Tool Provider option (B) highlighted
  3. Under the Security Settings section, ensure the following three options are checked:
    a. Send tool consumer information to tool provider
    b. Send LTI user ID and LTI role list to provider
    c. Send user email to tool provider
    Screenshot of tool provider security settings
  4. If all settings are correct, click Save and Close.
    Tool options screen with the Save and Close button highlighted


Test the Integration

Your TechSmith Relay integration should now be complete! To test the integration, log in as a Brightspace instructor who has existing TechSmith Relay media and try adding content to an existing course using the Quicklink (CIM). For step-by-step directions on adding media to Brightspace courses from the instructor perspective, see the following tutorial: Brightspace Integration: Adding Media to Your Course. 

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