Moodle Integration (Admin)


If your organization uses the Moodle LMS, instructors can add media to courses without ever signing in to TechSmith Relay. This tutorial explains how an administartor can setup the integration between Moodle and TechSmith Relay using Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) protocol.

If your organization uses a learning management system (LMS) for content delivery, you may be able to use learning tool interoperability (LTI) protocol to integrate with TechSmith Relay. In this example, we’ll walk through integrating TechSmith Relay with Moodle, a popular open-source LMS.

Why integrate through LTI?

While it’s possible to share media from TechSmith Relay with students using embed code or URLs, an LTI integration provides the following benefits:

  • Viewers do not need to manage separate TechSmith and LMS accounts to view media in an LMS. Instead, they are authorized with their LMS credentials.
  • The content is delivered within a system (an existing LMS) already familiar to viewers.
  • Quizzes added to media in TechSmith Relay can be automatically graded and entered in the Moodle gradebook.

Before you get started:  In order to set up the LTI integration, you'll need administration rights for both your TechSmith Relay website and your LMS. This may require coordinating with someone else in your organization if you're not an admin of both services.

Setting up an LTI integration on the TechSmith Relay website

  1. Log in to TechSmith Relay as an administrator, and go to the Site Admin tab.
    Clicking site admin tab
  2. Select the Settings tab and scroll down to locate the LTI Integrations section.
    LTI integrations section in the settings tab
  3. Click Add new integration.
    Clicking add new integration
  4. Select the LMS you would like to connect to TechSmith Relay from the dropdown and then click Create.
    Selecting Moodle and clicking create in Add new integration
  5. The Integration Details are displayed. These fields will need to be copied and pasted into your LMS in the second part of this tutorial.
    Note: The Key and Secret are randomly generated, and are unique to not only your TechSmith Relay website, but also to this particular LTI integration. The Launch URL will be the same for every integration.
    Moodle integration details dialog

Completing the LTI integration in Moodle

  1. Using an account with admin credentials, log in to your Moodle site.
  2. In the Administration panel, click the Site administration dropdown to expose the options.
    Moodle site administration panel
  3. Click the Plugins option, then click the LTI option and select Manage external tool types.
    Moodle plugins. LTI, and Manage external options pointed out by arrows
  4. Click Add external tool configuration.
    Clicking Add external tool configuration
  5. In the Tool settings section, enter a name users will recognize, paste the Launch URL (Tool base URL), Consumer key, and Shared secret from the dialog in TechSmith Relay into their respective fields here, and check the box next to Show tool type when creating tool instances.
    External tool configuration options filled in
  6. Important: Under Privacy, set the Share launcher’s email with tool option to Always. TechSmith Relay needs an email address from the user to track views and quizzing on TechSmith Relay media.
    Share launchers email set to Always
  7. Click Save changes to finalize the LTI integration.
    Clicking save changes
  8. The integration will be displayed in the External tool types list with the name you provided:
    New LTI tool shown in configurations list

Your TechSmith Relay integration should now be complete! For directions on adding media to courses, see Moodle Integration: Adding Media to Your Course.

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