Organizing Your Video Library


Learn how to keep your list of videos neat and tidy, including several tips for using folders and groups. 

Video Topics

0:00 - What's the difference between folders and groups?
1:20 - Adding and managing folders
​2:15 - Multi-selecting media in your library 
3:25 - Creating and managing groups
4:05 - Adding members to a group
4:50 - Sharing videos to a group


Folders and Groups FAQ


Do folders have privacy settings?

No. Your folders (including folder names) will be viewable by other TechSmith Relay users visiting your library. However, each individual piece of media inside the folder will still respect the media privacy setting, regardless of whether it is in a folder or not. 

Can I submit my recordings to a specific folder from the TechSmith Relay Recorder?

Yes. If you'd like your video to be uploaded to a specific folder (or subfolder) in your TechSmith Relay library, select that folder from the dropdown before submitting:

Screenshot of the TechSmith Relay Recorder with the Folder dropdown menu exposed

Can I share a link to a folder?

Yes, but with a caveat. To share a link directly to a folder, use the "Get Link" option from the folder actions:

Folder thumbnail with cog menu expanded and Get Link hover

However, please note that the media inside the folder will need to be set to the "Anyone from your organization" or "Anyone with the link" if you'd like it to be visible to someone viewing the folder contents. Having a link to the folder is not the same as having a link to the media itself.

Can I create a folder in a group?

Not at this time. Currently, folders are for personal media organization only.

Do I have to manually add members to my groups?

Only if the group privacy is set to "By invite only". If you'd like to make it easier for TechSmith Relay users to join your group, consider using the "Open to your organization" or "Only those with the link" group privacy settings:

Screenshot of group privacy settings with the first two options highlighted

  • Open to your organization - Anyone who finds this group can openly join it.
  • Only those with the link - Users will need a link to find and join this group. To get the link, use the "Add a Member" option from the group Members tab, and the link will be at the top:
    Add members to group modal window with Link to group highlighted


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